The Flash #51 review

You know how you’ve not read someone’s series for awhile, but you miss that character and are really in the mood to get reacquainted with an old friend? That was me with The Flash this week. I’d dropped off the book, bored with the constant speed villains, but seeing that this issue featured The Riddler, […]

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The Flash Annual #3 review

Initial impressions count. As we meet Wally West properly for the first time, he’s spraying a wall with anti-Flash graffiti. His first words on-panel are ‘Screw you, man!’                            Remind you of anything? Yep, the intro of the New 52 Wally West, who […]

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The Flash #30 review

The new Flash creative team of writers Robert Venditti & Van Jensen, and penciller Brett Booth debut and straight away … dismay me. They open with a flashforward to five years in the future, when things are looking distinctly gloomy for our hero because, well, don’t they always? I really don’t care what’s happening with […]

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