She-Hulk #4 review

Ben Grimm is in Jen Walters’ corner on Jen Bartel’s attractive cover and that’s the case inside the book too. Unfortunately, our favourite gamma-irradiated attorney doesn’t actually need the Thing to do any clobberin’ on her behalf. The fist belongs to Titania, recovering super-villain and frenemy of She-Hulk. The pair recently decided that their own […]

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Action Comics #1044 review

Superman’s struggle against galactic monster Mongul continues in Warworld Revolution part 2, the latest chapter of Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s ambitious story. Having escaped Mongul’s cells, Superman and his allies are moving around the Necropolis, the ever-changing city below Warworld. Last month Superman and Authority colleagues Midnighter and Natasha Irons, along with fellow Warworld prisoners, rescued […]

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The Flash #783 review

‘Raise your hand if you’re through with multiple universes’ says Wally West. Well, the collective DC being certainly doesn’t raise a hand, cosmic or otherwise, because the parallel world tales keep on coming, no matter how often we’re told that we’ve just read the final last ultimate Crisis, honestly. This summer it’s the Dark Crisis, […]

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 review

At the memorial service for the lost Justice League, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark is pondering life as a teenage superhero. And death. Heavy. Her mood actually worsens when she sees former Young Justice pals Tim (Robin) Drake, Bart (Impulse) Allen and Conner (Superboy) Kent. And by the time she joins them after the service, along […]

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Wonder Woman #788 review

In which Dr Psycho’s latest vendetta against Wonder Woman continues with the aid of a couple of members of the new Villainy Inc. Specifically, Sweetheart, the Bizarro Wonder Woman he’s created (via ectoplasm?), and bad old Dr Poison. They cause chaos with explosions and toxins as Checkmate agents Steve Trevor, Etta Candy and Siegfried try […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #12 review

After returning a victim of mad scientist Henry Bendix, leader of nation state Gamorra, to his loved ones, Superman 2 Jon Kent answers an alarm from his mother. Lois is currently staying at a Justice League safe house following the bombing of Jonathan and Martha Kent’s home by, presumably, Bendix. Why are they targets? Because […]

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DC Pride 2022 #1 review

It’s June, Pride month, when the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community is celebrated and DC releases a giant anthology starring heroes and villains of a different stripe. The cover is awash with stripes in the form of the rainbow Pride flag colours, superimposed on a typically fine Phil Jimenez illustration. There’s Aquaman Jackson Hyde (gay), […]

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Dark Crisis #1 review

This issue, a Titan DIES! Or, if it’s Tuesday, it must be Crisis. Let’s pretend the previous 17 or however many Crisis events we’ve enjoyed or endured since the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened were fluffy affairs, because this is the Dark Crisis! Which means that the villains stand in the shadows. Well, so far… […]

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