Batman #51 review

Gotham is…  The elliptical phrase is an invitation to readers of the Gotham Gazette to sum up the city in just a few words. We hear several responses in this issue marking the end of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s extraordinary Batman run. They’ve given us a series with plenty of cataclysmic events, so when the […]

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Superman/Wonder Woman #28 review

The Final Days of Superman has so far been a terrific storyline, full of well-played, meaningful moments as the Man of Steel tells family and friends he’s going to die. The last chapter ended with Wonder Woman showing up, demanding to know why he’d not told her.  Well, anyone reading the last couple of months […]

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Legends of Tomorrow #2 review

This is the second time I’ve written a review of the second issue of DC’s new 80pp anthology. The first vanished while I was having my tea (meatloaf, chips and creamed corn, thank you), with nary a whiff of a back-up. Mind, given I began that one promising to be more concise than last month, […]

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Titans Hunt #7 review

The Young Adult heroes of the DC Universe are in trouble, with mysterious forces massing against them as they deal with memories they don’t recognise. Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Nightwing have followed the call of organ music played by Mal Duncan to a tornado-shaped tower. Mal’s pregnant wife Karen is up against the Mad Mod. […]

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Action Comics #51 review

Superman storms into the DEO headquarters in National City, where Supergirl is attached to a machine, unconscious. Waking, Kara isn’t too thrilled that she’s been ‘rescued’. It turns out she was there willingly, having been offered help when her powers began to fade in return for the occasional mission. Like Superman, she was a victim […]

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Hercules #6 review

OK, apparently no one listened to me and bought this comic, and here’s the final issue. There’s no overt acknowledgement in the book, just a post-final page direction to an upcoming Civil War 2 mini-series, Gods of War. That book sounds promising, but heck, I want a Hercules ongoing by Dan Abnett and Luke Ross! […]

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Black Canary #10 review

The Birds are back in town. Black Canary and Batgirl are hanging out, fighting bad guys and exploring mysteries in the best issue yet of Dinah’s soon-to-end series. It could be argued that as Black Canary is the name of Dinah’s band, as well as her codename, this is as much their book as hers, […]

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