Legion of Super-Heroes 50 review

In which Jim Shooter wraps up the storyline he set up in his first issue, over a year ago, in a very satisfying manner. Using a combination of smarts and powers, the Legion convincingly dispatches the threat of the Intruder Planet. It’s scintillating stuff, but there’s something missing. A small thing . . . where […]

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Wonder Woman 28 review

Rise of the Olympian has been anything but boring so far, yet things kick up a gear here, as writer Gail Simone gives a masterclass in pacing a story for maximum action and characterisation. Sergeant Steel is not a man to sing the Wonder Woman TV show theme and that’s the latest clue that he’s […]

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Mysterious the Unfathomable 1 review

Dr Strange, Zatanna, Dr Fate, Scarlet Witch . . . comics are full of gorgeous, altruistic, self-denying magicians, but here’s something new – a pot-bellied, lecherous, drink-sozzled medium for hire. And I love him. Mysterius is the star of Wildstorm’s new series written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Tom Fowler. Parker, I know from […]

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Dark Avengers 1 review

Tony Stark’s SHIELD is gone, Norman Osborn’s HAMMER is now the major peacekeeping force in the Marvel Universe. And as the name implies, the once and future Green Goblin believes in peace through force. So it’s time for a new version of the Avengers, comprising heavy hitters loyal to him. Carol Danvers won’t play ball? […]

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Mighty Avengers 21 review

‘And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Dan Slott finally got to write a genuine Avengers title . . .’ Sure, Avengers: The Initiative has been a superb read, packed with intricate storylines and spot-on character work, but it wasn’t an Avengers book. Not really, despite the appearance of such stalwarts […]

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