Scooby-Doo Team-Up #37 review / DC Digital Scooby-Doo Team-Up chapters #73 and #74 review

The ghosts of Krypton are haunting Midvale, so who you gonna call? Mystery Inc! Having worked with Fred, Velma, Shaggy, Daphne and Scooby-Doo previously, Supergirl knows she can trust them with her secrets.  The spectral figures from Argo City disappear as unexpectedly as they pop up, but before the gang can get down to […]

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The Terrifics #3 review 

Metamorpho, Phantom Girl, Mr Terrific and Plastic Man must start coming to terms with the fact that a strange accident has bound them together. If one of them strays more than a mile from the others, theorises resident scientist Mr Terrific, they’ll explode ‘in a flash of dark energy’.  Given the three male heroes haven’t […]

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MAD #1

As a kid in the Seventies I loved MAD. The paperback reprints of the original Fifties stuff looked so good, with such lunatic energy, that it didn’t matter that I’d never heard of Gasoline Alley or Smilin’ Jack. At the same time I was buying the British version, which mixed the US material with original […]

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Superman #45 review 

Having relocated to Metropolis, Lois, Jon and Clark Kent are back in the small town of Hamilton, to empty their old house. Clark is philosophical about the whole thing, Jon is still upset to have had to move from country to city, while Lois is failing miserably to mask her sentimentality.  After most of the […]

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Action Comics #1000 review 

It’s Superman’s 80th birthday. Eight decades ago today, Action Comics #1 appeared on US newsstands and an industry was born. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s ‘champion of the oppressed, the physical marvel who has vowed to devote himself to helping those in need’ has changed a lot throughout the years and this 80pp giant aims […]

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Sideways #3 review

New superkid on the block Sideways was resting in hospital after his first encounter with a cosmic entity when metahuman Killspeed attacked. As we join him this issue his mother, Helen, and best pal, Ernestine, are unconscious and he’s got to keep the malevolent speedster from killing them – and everyone else in the facility. […]

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Supergirl #20 review 

At the end of last issue Supergirl appeared before Ben Rubel, incoming boyfriend of her alter ego Kara Danvers, wanting to talk. Was she going to reveal her secret identity? As it happens, no. She wants his skills as a communicator.  So while he doesn’t learn that he recently kissed Supergirl, Ben is certainly in […]

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Marvel 2 In One #5 review 

Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm are searching the Multiverse for Reed and Sue Richards, with the aid of super-scientist (aren’t they all?) Rachna Koul. As this issue begins they’re on an alternate Earth, one where Dr Doom beat Galactus by taking over his body. The dictator turned devourer of worlds has absorbed the energy of […]

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Superman #44 review

Above the Bizarro World of Htrae, Superman is fighting off an attack by Bizarro No.1, who’s losing his grip on what passed for reality. Below, Super Son Jon Kent and his allies Beacon, Nobody, Boyzarro and Robzarro realise that the world is beginning to collapse in on itself… already it’s bent out of shape, its […]

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