Gods of War #2 review

The last time I reviewed an issue of Hercules I assumed it was the final number, but no, writer Dan Abnett was allowed to continue his story almost immediately in this renamed mini-series. So I was made an ass, but I couldn’t be happier and heck, man to donkey is a very Classical transformation and […]

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Hercules #2 review

Hercules, self-proclaimed Prince of Power, is trying to restore his reputation. He’s realised that after years of carousing he’s looked on not so much as a hero than as a joke. And a dangerous one at that – if people see him at the scene of a crisis, they expect things to get worse, not better. So he’s had […]

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All-New Invaders #1 review

OK axis, here we come! That was the battle cry of the Invaders at their Seventies height, when Roy Thomas, Frank Robbins and a bunch of other creators revealed untold tales of Captain America, Namor, Human Torch, Toro and Bucky in the Big One. This comeback comic is set in the present day, is absent […]

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Thunderbolts #1 review

The Punisher is in trouble, tied up in a New York warehouse as someone sends his picture and location to hundreds of local mobsters. His only way out is to accept the offer of the man with the phone – General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. The situation is set up on page one, the decision made […]

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Iron Man #1 review

Tony Stark has put together a checklist of things to do. Stark Resilient is prospering with Pepper Potts in charge and he has plenty of smart people in the lab. So why not take some time and find out just what it is he believes in? Just how does a man of science see the […]

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Uncanny X-Men #5 review

This issue the Brotherhood of Evil X-Men handles a dangling plot thread from an X-Force story. Angel had become evil old Archangel again (he’d fit right in here) but Psylocke was too soft to kill him, meaning 5,000 people died in a nuclear blast. Oops. The spot where they perished is now a temporal anomaly […]

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She-Hulks concludes with the rest of the Intelligencia captured, and Lyra discovering a hard lesson of life that only a Hulk could appreciate. After digging themselves and the Mad Thinker out of the snow, Jen and Lyra subdue Klaw and the android Byte after an ear-splitting brawl. Afterwards as Lyra struggles to warm herself up […]



As Marvel’s Year of the Women counts down its final days, She-Hulk fans again have a reason to visit their local comic book shop. She-Hulks #1 kicks off a four-issue mini-series dealing with the after-effects of the recent World War Hulks saga. The story stands up well on its own without the need to read […]