DC Retroactive 1970s Superman #1 review

Superman’s having a bad week in this DC Comics Retroactive special. Criminals are popping up when they shouldn’t, doing things that are beyond them – Metallo’s flying, Bizarro am speaking perfect English, that sort of thing. Lois Lane is annoyed at Superman paying attention to Lana Lang, Supergirl and Van-Zee think their Kryptonian cousin is super-cranky, Clark Kent’s colleagues […]

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Cosmic Size Fantastic 4 1 review

Reed and Ben bring something nasty back from a pocket dimension, necessitating a two-day quarantine for the FF and kids Franklin and Valeria, who soon notice that their elders are acting jolly oddly. That’s your basic story from Cary Bates and Bing Cansino and it’s absorbing enough. What really had my attention more, though, was […]

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