Doom Patrol #7 review

The Chief is back and he wants to lead the Doom Patrol again. Robotman isn’t keen.  I see his point. And yet soon the Chief is getting a trial run as head honcho.  Hang on though, look at that background. Who else had a concentric circles effect when using his power?  Steve Dayton, Mento. He could […]

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Silver Surfer #6 review

I’ve not been reading many Marvel Comics of late. Secret Wars wasn’t my cup of tea, providing a great opportunity to stop purchasing digitally day and date and finally use my Marvel Unlimited subscription. Civil War 2 pulling the line together again – well, more like strangling it – has seen me buying only books […]

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Miracleman Annual #1 review

Having read the UK Marvelman stories as they appeared in the Eighties, then their US continuation as Miracleman, I’ve been able to avoid Marvel’s overpriced reprints. An annual of new material, though, that sounded good. Especially as one of the stories has a Grant Morrison script and art by Joe Quesada, and the other, work […]

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Silver Surfer #1 review

I’ve never liked the Silver Surfer. Bit of a whiner. Not as bad as Pariah over at DC, but so far as the Marvel Universe goes, he has no peer.Dan Slott makes me like the Silver Surfer. More precisely, he makes me like ‘a’ Silver Surfer. Because this isn’t the super-sensitive, poutingly pompous, horribly heartbroken […]

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FF #6 review

When a book is eye candy to the extent that FF has been to date, a bit of grit really stands out. The grit on Joe Quinones and Laura Allred’s luscious FF #6 pages is the dream Scott Lang has of murdered daughter Cassie, a grey squall on a tropical sea. The images stay with […]

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