Doom Patrol #21 review

With just a couple of issues before the axe falls on this title, a spotlight on Robotman may sound like an unnecessary indulgence. But Cliff Steele is such an intriguing character that I’m happy to see his past and character illuminated. And what a character. On the surface, he seems like DC’s Ben Grimm, a […]

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Doom Patrol #17 review

Having nationalised the Doom Patrol, Oolong Island president Veronica Cale forces the team into accompanying her to a state banquet in North Korea. There they’re reunited with an old – very old – enemy and make the acquaintance of a family who make the Mansons look like the Bradys. Those are the bare bones of […]

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Doom Patrol #14 review

After years of tragedies, setbacks and general lunacy, you might expect the individuals who comprise the Doom Patrol to slope off into a corner to spend the rest of their lives muttering and dribbling. But no, they’re heroes and this issue the Fabulous Freaks decide, the heck with it, they have each other. Even diminutive […]

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Doom Patrol #13 review

One of writer Keith Giffen’s aims with this book has been to give the readers something new every month – a character, a concept, a fresh take on the DC Universe … last issue he outdid himself with the revelation of Elasti-Woman’s true nature. She’s sentient Silly Putty. I never saw that one coming. This month […]

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Supergirl 33 review

No fan of the first issues of Kelly Puckett’s run, I was going to keep passing over this book until the new creative team arrives next month, but spotted that this was a fill-in so gave it a go. And I’m glad that I did, as it featured a coherent story, decent characterisation, very pleasant […]

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