Teen Titans #10 review

In San Francisco Bay, supervillain Black Manta tries to kill the mother of his son. But if she dies, Lucia isn’t going down easily.  While she’s been living in the heart of the US, she’s from the other-dimensional realm of Xebel, with hard water powers similar to those of its most famous daughter, Mera. The […]

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Teen Titans #6 review

The big deal this issue is the addition of new Aqualad Jackson Hyde to the book. He’s front and centre on the main cover by penciller Khoi Pham and colourist Jim Charalamipidis. He shares the spotlight on Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn’s variant with Starfire. And the story officially starts, with the title and credits, […]

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Mighty Avengers 21 review

‘And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Dan Slott finally got to write a genuine Avengers title . . .’ Sure, Avengers: The Initiative has been a superb read, packed with intricate storylines and spot-on character work, but it wasn’t an Avengers book. Not really, despite the appearance of such stalwarts […]

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Secret Invasion: Requiem . . .

. . . or, The Skrulls Got Me Killed and All I Got Was This Lousy Cover. Brrr, that really is a weird illo from Khoi Pham. What’s the Wasp known for? Being a tiny superheroine. What do we have here? A composition that makes Janet Van Dyne look huge. And ugly. Really, the woman […]

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