Justice League #66 review

From the cover, it seems the battle with Synmar Utopica is over, the heroes crushed. Not quite – the Hall of Justice has suffered serious damage, the core Justice League team have been knocked out or aside, but it ain’t over ‘til it’s over… Across the country from Washington DC, Leaguers Black Canary and Green […]

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Crime Syndicate #6 review

Last issue ended with the revelation that Lex Luthor’s low-key assistant was secretly the metahuman known as Ultragirl. This issue it’s time for a family reunion, as cousin Kal welcomes her in his inimitable style. While Ultragirl seems firmly on the side of the angels, Emerald Warrior has yet to be persuaded to sign on […]

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Wonder Woman #776 review

Now here’s a cover that’s hard to resist. After years of Wonder Woman, warrior princess, here’s Diana, Disney princess. Mind, she’s very much a modern Daughter of Walt, standing up to bullies when she finds herself in Fairyland. It’s the latest stop in a tour of mystical realms that has so far seen Diana have […]

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Checkmate #2 review

‘Who is Daemon Rose?’ screams the cover. ‘Don’t ask me!’ replies the comic. ‘See last week’s Justice League,’ I pipe up. That’s where Daemon Rose was stated to be Lois Lane’s secret brother. So far as this book is concerned, a guy with a gun appeared in a church tower at the end of last […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 review

Well, that’s a pretty cover, a great homage to Superman #1 from waaaaaay back in 1939. Sharp logo, too. It’s a shame the effect of inflation is so upfront – fewer pages for a lot more money, yay! Still, artist John Timms does a lovely job of updating the original picture to represent this book’s […]

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Superman and the Authority #1 review

In 1963, President John F Kennedy has a request for Superman. In the future, Superman has a request for Manchester Black. One of the most memorable Superman stories of the last couple of decades was Action Comics #775’s ‘What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?’ With Wildstorm Comics’ The Authority showing how […]

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Blue and Gold #1 review

If ever a comic book deserved the old ‘Because You Demanded It!’ banner, it’s Blue and Gold #1. Fans have been asking for a series teaming Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle since their best pals’ act made them them two of the most popular Justice League International members. Thirty years ago! While they’ve each […]

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