DC Super-Stars #18 review

It’s Hallowe’en in Rutland, Vermont, and if you’re a comics reader in the Seventies that could mean only one thing… real-life parade organiser Tom Fagan and cameoing comic creators. This time it’s, well, take a look… All bar Carla Conway are listed as involved in this issue and all are in and out before you […]

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Justice League Dark #21 review

The Parliaments of Life are at war with one another. The Red, the Green, the Grey, the Divided and the Rot are vying to rule Earth. The Green is manifesting flowers in corpses but it’s the Rot which is announcing itself with the most sickening style, taking over hordes of humans in Los Angeles. Detective […]

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Little Nemo in Podcastland

Panel By Panel, the Fire and Water Podcast Network show which sees podcaster extraordinaire Siskoid talk one single, solitary panel of comic art with a guest, is back. This time the Randomiser has come up with a frame from Winsor McCay’s seminal newspaper strip Little Nemo in Slumberland. And the lucky guest to chat about […]

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Amethyst #2 review

We begin three years ago, as 13-year-old Amy Winston learns of her heritage as Princess Amethyst, ruler of House Amethyst on Gemworld. Her protector, Granch, swears to train her in fighting as she takes the place of her parents, murdered by Dark Opal. Her mentor, Citrina, will instruct her in the ways of House Amethyst, […]

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Suicide Squad #4 review

Need cheering up? I suspect you do, in which case, read Suicide Squad #4, in which an old ally returns, new comrades are illuminated and Harley Quinn shows she’s the best super-shrink this side of Doc Samson. The fun starts with George ‘ Digger’ Harkness speaking out of turn in a bar in suburban Australia. […]

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