Extermination #1 review

The original X-Men are going home. Or being killed. Maybe they’re going to be absorbed into their elder selves (as the older Cyclops is currently dead, that could be interesting!). I don’t know. All I know is that this mini-series aims to clean house, get rid of the X-Men brought from the past to the […]

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Aquaman #39 review

Atlantis has been raised from the sea, a subconscious wish by Aquaman acted on by magical metal. The surface world is deeply suspicious and Amanda Waller has sent the Suicide Squad to bomb Atlantis back under the water. And if some people die… …actually, despite being criminals, not all the Squad members – specifically Harley […]

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Titans #24 review

Tasked with intercepting ‘Emergent’ crises, manifestations of leaked Source Wall energy among Earth’s populace, the Titans are called to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. There, they find themselves in a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Or so it seems, what with ruddy great monsters, a cheeky Elf and… While clearing regular folk out of the […]

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Fantastic Four #1 (2018) review

It’s back, proclaims the cover. The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine! I must have picked up the wrong book, because even allowing for hyperbole, Fantastic Four #1 is far from that. It’s certainly not awful, Dan Slott always provides something entertaining, but with the FF having been absent from shelves for years, I was hoping for something […]

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Supergirl #21 review

Kandor is dead, destroyed by mad extraterrestrial Rogol Zaar. But Supergirl isn’t convinced he could commit something as big as genocide alone. She plans to fly out into space to find answers. Clark doesn’t want her to go. In National City, Kara tries to contact foster mother Eliza Danvers to say goodbye, but she not […]

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Dial B for Blog

  The excellent Professor Alan Middleton was kind enough this week to invite me onto his Quarter Bin Podcast to talk about one of my favourite series of the Bronze Age, the Adventure Comics revival of the Dial H For Hero concept. Did anyone else out there read it? Here’s a link to the episode, […]

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Astonishing X-Men #14 review

I’m a sucker for new X-Men line-ups. And the one that’s assembling in the latest Astonishing X-Men series has real promise. The set-up, established last issue, is that after a period of being evil – not his fault, honest – Alex Summers aka Havok – wants to lead a new team of mutants, doing good […]

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