Justice League #26 review

Now there’s a grabber of a cover from Francis Manapul – I can even forgive the logo being Jack Knight’s rather than Will Payton’s, as the letterer has done such a great job extending it to take in ‘?’ and ‘!’ It’s the little things! As a fan of the Eighties Starman who has enjoyed […]

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The Flash #72 review

I don’t know who invented decompression in comics but it’s safe to say that Josh Williamson and Howard Porter are killing it with their Flash: Year One storyline. The third chapter continues the momentum established in the first two parts with a plot-heavy, character-rich, action-packed tale of Barry Allen learning to be a hero. The […]

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Event Leviathan #1 review

Event Leviathan has been on the horizon for some time, but at last the Brian Bendis-masterminded mini-series is here. The book opens with Batman climbing, Sixties TV series-style, the side of what remains of Argus’ new Odyssey building in Coast City. Inside he’s confronted by one very untrusting Lois Lane. They lay out what they […]

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Supergirl #31 review

I’m having flashbacks. Flashbacks to the days when Marvel Comics would show crossover events from two angles in separate books. The difference with Supergirl #31 in relation to Superman #12 is that the coordination is less than impressive. A quick recap. Supergirl has been questing across the galaxy for the truth behind Krypton’s demise, accompanied […]

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Superman #12 review

Like some kind of space cavalry, Kara the Supergirl and Krypto the Superdog have arrived to help Superman, Superboy and Jor-El take on Rogol Zaar, General Zod, sundry Phantom Zone escapees and an attacking space armada. A spark of optimism hits Superman. Amid the fierce battle, there’s yet time for sweetness. And when the heroes […]

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The Green Lantern #8 review

I’ve been enjoying the new Green Lantern book – Grant Morrison’s talents and interests make for memorable space operas, while Liam Sharp’s wild imagination generates fabulous images. The only issue that hasn’t worked for me was last month’s storybook-style fantasy – the twee script looked beautiful on the page but it was a slog to […]

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Justice League #25 review

It’s the 25th issue of the current Justice League book, complete with shiny new logo, and it’s feels like the 400th. The Source Wall is still broken, the threat of Perpetua yet looms, Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom are once more up to all kinds of shenanigans and, frankly, it’s rather exhausting. Which […]

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