Blue & Gold #3 review

It’s Michael and Ted vs a space princess in the latest issue of the long-awaited Blue Beetle/Booster Gold mini-series. The lady’s name is Omnizon, and she wants someone to take her to Earth’s leader. Of course, Earth doesn’t have one, with so many governments around the world. Instead of demanding the planet be handed over […]

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Wonder Woman #780 review

It’s a new beginning for Diana as she returns from the dead after an odyssey across other realms. Sheer force of will has brought her back to the land of the living, and she’s going to make sure everyone knows she’s ready to take up where she left off. Wonder Woman begins with a visit […]

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Amazing Spider-Man #75 review

I do like to try a bold new Spider-Man direction. This one comes after the end of the Kindred story, which went on for about 12 years and finally finished last month in a confusing comic that was, as we say in Scotland, mince. Time for a palate cleanser. The latest storyline is called Beyond, […]

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Batman/Superman #22 review

It’s the last issue of this series, and talk about going out with a bang! After the massively enjoyable serial that recently ended, writer Gene Luen Yang scripts a one-issue wonder to further remind us just what a great writer he is. This is a high concept issue, one which begins with bad guy Calendar […]

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Deathstroke Inc #1 review

DC Universe spy organisations. Cut off one head, and two more will take their place. Well, that’s what it seems like; it’s just five minutes since every covert group was blown up by Leviathan and we’ve already seen a new version of Checkmate. And now here comes T.R.U.S.T. I hate acronyms, all that changing keyboard […]

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