Batman: Gotham Nights #22 review

As we all know, Santa can be everywhere at once, meaning all the world’s children get their presents on Christmas morning. Batman could do with the same ability when a toy coveted by all Gotham’s children turns deadly. Meet Benny, ‘The Hot Toy This Christmas’. The obvious thing to do is warn the citizens, get […]

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Suicide Squad #11 review

When your book is called Suicide Squad, fatalities are to be expected. And, to be honest, enjoyed. What’s not expected is a resurrection. Sure, such things happen in superhero comics, but wouldn’t a Lazarus-like return in this series cheapen the brand? Not when the brand is the vision of writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno […]

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Action Comics #1027 review

Cloudbusting. A 1987 song by Kate Bush Red Cloudbusting. This. Oh, well done, Superman Family. Sorry, House of Kent. That’s what we’re calling Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Superboy and, er, Brainiac 5 in 2020. The name doesn’t matter, though, it’s just great to see that uppity Red Cloud, aka Daily Planet reporter Robinson Goode, taken down. […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #11 review

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Legion… Earlier this week I was chatting on Twitter to other longtime Legion fans, saying that while I’m enjoying the latest Legion of Super-Heroes series, the team has rebooted so many times that I no longer think of any Legion beyond the original and Zero Hour versions as […]

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Aquaman #65 review

Aquaman is at the mercy of his half-brother Orm, the Ocean Master, who is obsessed with gaining the throne of Atlantis. Arthur Curry, though, isn’t without allies, and he sends out the telepathic call. Ocean Master isn’t ready to go down without a fight, and Aquaman gives him one. Soon, there’s nothing to do but […]

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Hawkman #29 review

‘Hawkman is ended at last’, cries villain Anton Hastor on the opening page of this issue. He’s not wrong. This is the final issue of the latest series starring Carter and Shayera Hall. And a very fine issue it is, capping a series that’s benefited for a consistent creator vision. Robert Venditti gives us the […]

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