We wish you a merry podcast

It’s Christmas time, there’s some need to be afraid… when you’re reading Elvira’s House of Mystery Presents: Elvira’s Haunted Holidays. OK, that was just the old ‘cute way in’. In fact, this 1987 anthology isn’t going to have you lying awake at night, for fear its stories come true. It might, though, entertain you for […]

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Justice League #37 review

So here we are, at chapter 37 of the current Justice League story. Yay. Will it ever end, this tale of the Totality and Apex Lex and the broken Source Wall and three – count ’em, three – Monitors and the Dark Multiverse and Prenuptia or whatever her name is… Am I the only person […]

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Lois Lane #6 review

Sam Lane, soldier turned spy and Lois Lane’s father, has died, killed during the Leviathan affair. As he’s buried with full military honours, his daughter remembers their stormy, but ultimately loving, relationship. The reporter maintains her composure as she says goodbye, accompanied by husband Clark, son Jon and sister Lucy Finally, though, it all becomes […]

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Action Comics #1017 review

It’s the Year of the Villain and Metropolis is being razed by Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom. The Justice League and their allies are being crushed by the forces of Doom. But how did we get to this place of Doom? Flashback one day, and Clark Kent is interviewing Marisol Leone, who has […]

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Supergirl Annual #2 review

The bad news. Supergirl has been sacrificed at the altar of the Batman Who Laughs crossover. The good news. Writer Robert Venditti finds a workaround so he can tell us a story of the last days of Krypton. And boy, do I love those. I must have read a dozen DC tales down the years […]

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Dial H For Hero #9

As former H Dial users greedily search for the strange devices that once gave them super powers, Miguel and Summer are on the downlow in Metropolis. Yes, they’re at the Daily Planet, working as interns during the day, selling cheese toasties at night and just about getting by. Miguel has one of the four dials […]

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Metal Men #2 review

Star Labs scientist Dr Jenet Klyburn has called old associate Dr Will Magnus and his Metal Men to Challengers Mountain, where a figure made of the mysterious Nth Metal manifested briefly, calling for Will. Soon, the Nth Metal Man rises, and despite the Metal Men’s bravest efforts, they begin to fall. Gold, though, isn’t giving […]

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