Power Girl Special #1 review

After three short stories in the back of Action Comics, Power Girl punches her way into a one-off special… and gets a back-up of her own. The storyline continues from Peege’s recent run, with JSA villain Johnny Sorrow revealed as the reason Super folk – Beast Boy, Supergirl and Jon Kent – have been having […]

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Action Comics #1055 review

The Metallo storyline that’s occupied the Superman feature over the last few months morphs into a Cyborg Superman storyline, as Hank Henshaw’s latest incarnation heaps trouble on the Super Family. It turns out he’s the one who instructed Metallo to turn the anti-alien protestors of Metropolis into a rampaging ‘Necrohive’. Having declared himself, the Cyborg […]

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Justice Society of America #4 review

Per Degaton is trying to destroy the Justice Society, as per usual. He’s travelling down the timeline destroying the jSA of each generation. ‘Why’ is the question that’s haunted Huntress Helena Wayne since a mysterious snowglobe began plonking her in the Golden Age villain’s footsteps. While Helena, who’s from 2049, tries to warn the JSA […]

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Lightning round reviews – Avengers #1, Cyborg #1 and Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #15

Some weeks it’s tough to find something to look at here. Very occasionally, though, the shelves are packed. I’ve done three reviews already this week, but have a few stray thoughts on other new issues, so here we go. AVENGERS #1 We’ve not had an Avengers #1 for a few years, and after the latest […]

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Superman #4 review

Now this is what I want from a Superman comic. A shining hero. Colourful villains. Good friends. And a familiar backdrop that can still throw up surprises. The issue starts in the apartment of Jimmy Olsen, where we see just who the new girlfriend he mentioned a few issues back is. It’s Siobhan, the Silver […]

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The Flash #799 review

The Flash and friends are travelling through space and time to find his newborn son Wade, stolen by the living nightmare that is Granny Goodness. It’s a dire situation by any estimation, but as much as he’s the living personification of speed, Wally West embodies optimism. And with Mr Terrific, Hourman, Kid Flash, Metamorpho, Phantom […]

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Titans #1 review

It’s the big reveal of the new Titans Tower. The latest incarnation of the much-destroyed heroes’ headquarters is in Blüdhaven, home of team leader Nightwing. And Batman fans might notice some nostalgic detail. Those internal trees just scream ‘Wayne Foundation’ and I’m good with that, I love that iconic Gotham building. How the Titans are […]

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Stargirl: The Lost Children #6 review

When last we joined Courtney and the dozens of forgotten sidekicks from the Golden Age of Heroes, former Justice Society colleague Hourman had turned up and, apparently, turned bad. The android from the future has come to help freaky old bird the Childminder prevent the kids, led by Stargirl, escaping the weird outside-time island they’ve […]

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