Deathstroke Inc #6 review

This issue starts with Black Canary fighting off members of the Secret Society, who last month were revealed as the secret council behind T.R.U.S.T. That acronymic organisation had hired Black Canary aka Dinah Lance, and Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, to capture supervillains. Dinah wasn’t sure if they were good guys or bad guys, but either […]

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Teen Titans Academy #12 review

There’s one line of dialogue in Teen Titans Academy #12 that you can take as the TLDR version of this review This comic is a mess. It’s being cancelled in May, but if this were the last issue it’d be a mercy killing. We have had a few good issues, concentrating on the better new […]

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The Human Target #5 review

Christopher Chance is one week from death. A poison aimed at billionaire scumbag Lex Luthor was ingested by the Human Target and he’s on Day Five of 12 in his final countdown. He’s accepted that death is inevitable but is determined to solve one last case – who’s sending him (fingers crossed) heavenwards. His investigations […]

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Nightwing #89 review

It’s team-up time as Dick visits Metropolis to see how Jon Kent is managing with his new responsibilities as Superman. The stupendous cover by Bruno Redondo shows how great the pair look together, with Dick showing he can keep up with a young man who can fly. The composition, the logos, the zip-a-tone effect, it […]

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Justice League 2022 Annual

The Return opens in an unexpected place with a surprise hero. OMAC, One Man Army Corp of The World That’s Coming, going about his regular business of fighting the tools of evil corporations. But who’s that in the tube in the corner? Another surprise. Hawkgirl in the future. Of course, she’s also in the past, […]

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Strange Love Adventures #1 review

It’s almost St Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for another DC giant collection of all-new tales of ‘like, love and loss’. The book kicks off with a perfectly pink cover starting Harley Quinn and a dinosaur from illustrator Yanick Paquette and colourist Nathan Fairbairn. The throwback cover dress, complete with homage Comics Code Authority […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #8 review

Last month, international bad guy Henry Bendix sent his pet super team to Metropolis after climate change woke a leviathan. Superman and Junior Aquaman Jackson Hyde had been handling things just fine, calming the beast, but Bendix’s Gamorra Corps were out to kill the creature. Enraged, it struck out, and Gamorran teen metahuman Spark died. […]

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