Action Comics 1049 review

In his cell on Stryker’s Island, John Corben aka Metallo, receives an unwanted visitor. Working for Lex Luthor is the last thing war-weary Corben wants. Unfortunately, Lex knows where Corben’s sister lives. Meanwhile, at Metropolis Zoo, Superman is fighting to stop New Gods Orion, Kalibak and Desaad – watched by arch schemer Metron – kidnapping […]

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Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 review

The heroes of Earth 0 are battling dozens of supervillains. I can barely remember why. Something to do with Crisis on Infinite Earth straggler Pariah’s plan to bring back the Infinite Earths. At this point in DC’s current event the worlds are back (again… it’s a long story Dark Crisis writer Joshua Williamson has chosen […]

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She-Hulk #8 review

Well, this could be a short one. After another gloriously glam cover from Jen Bartel we get a flashback issue, showing the backstory of Mark, the pale brute who beat She-Hulk up last issue, and wife April, she of the bulbous bonce. Once upon a time there were two young scientists who fell in love. […]

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The Flash #788 review

Meet the latest lawmen of Central City. Newly crowned mayor Gregory Wolfe has freed members of the Flash’s Rogues Gallery – he was previously governor of super-prison Iron Heights – to crack down on crime. Meanwhile, super-scientists Dr Mid-Nite and Mr Terrific have news for Flash Wally West and love of his life Linda. And […]

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The Death of Superman #1 review

Thirty years. It’s been three decades since Superman fell in battle with Doomsday. Since then we’ve seen dozens of creative teams on the various books starring the Man of Steel, some of them excellent. But we’ve never had as sustained a period of greatness as the Triangle Era. From 1991-2002 the Superman titles – the […]

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Dark Crisis #6 review

Just look at this cover, what a wonderful, powerful image. It’s a classic DC event composition – it has to be a homage to Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 – with dozens of heroes in a last stand against a massive villain. Pariah doesn’t get giant sized inside, that’s artist Daniel Sampere taking a bit […]

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The New Golden Age #1 review

Well, this made me happy. A romp through the DC Universe beginning with the first meeting of the Justice Society of America… … and ending with a 31st-Century version of the team. In between we see vignettes from the Fifties, Seventies, ‘13 years from now’ and ‘18 years from now’. Linking the various time periods […]

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