Action Comics #996 review

Today Lois Lane sneaks into the African country of Logamba in a bid to save her military man father from execution. Decades from now, Superman and Booster Gold try to survive New Krypton long enough to get the necessary materials to repair their broken time bubble and return to 2017. It won’t be easy for […]

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All-Star Western #19 review

Here’s a DC New 52 book that really does deliver a ‘what the …?’ moment with its gatefold cover, as Jonah Hex comes face to face with Booster Gold. I’m just back at All-Star Western after some time away. I’ve always liked Jonah Hex, but his absorption into the Gotham City mythos wore away my […]

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Project Superman #1 review

Lt Neil Sinclair, patriot. He’s volunteered for Project Superman, General Sam Lane’s attempt to create a super-soldier to protect America from rogue metahumans. We first meet him 30 years ago, when he’s jumped to the front of the queue due to a number of run-ins with paranormals. Prone to quoting zen proverbs, and sporting what look […]

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Booster Gold #44 review

Booster Gold and robotic sidekick Skeets are in Coast City, investigating the enigma-ridden blackboard that appeared in time master Rip Hunter’s secret lab a few issues back. They’re looking for Green Lantern but find themselves attacked by a military machine which mistakes Booster for the enemy – an Atlantean attacker. Atlantis at war with the surface world? […]

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Booster Gold #40 review

Courtesy of regular artists Chris Batista and Rich Perrotta, Booster and Skeets look utterly spiffy on their DC icons cover, and if they attract any new readers to the book, they may just stay. For this month offers a splendid jumping-on point as Booster’s origins, adventures and nature are laid bare. The excuse is a […]

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