Doom Patrol #1 review

Well, this is something. What, I don’t know – Doom Patrol #1 isn’t your average superhero book. Still, when has the Doom Patrol ever not been skewed? OK, the Seventies revival was pretty straightforward stuff, but otherwise… This debut issue by Gerard Way and Nick Derington has the ordinary brushing against the uncanny with the […]

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Multiversity #1 review

A few years ago DC published Final Crisis. This comic tells the story of the one after that. It mirrors the original Crisis on Infinite Earths by having heroes from parallel universes gathered in a Monitor satellite to be told by Harbinger that Something Awful is Coming.  It differs in that the writer behind this comic – […]

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Batwoman #25 review

Several years ago, it was lights out in Gotham when the Riddler pulled the plug on the power grid. Home from military academy for the funeral of her Uncle Phillip, Kate Kane refuses her dad’s request to stay home and let someone else be the hero. She sneaks into the city on a ‘borrowed’ motorbike […]

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The Sandman: Overture #1 review

First DC gave us Before Watchmen, the prequels no one asked for, now here’s The Sandman: Overture, a far more appealing prospect. Where Watchmen was designed as a discrete entity, The Sandman always contained the promise of more stories. While the hardcore devotees ate up the sprawling, darkly twee likes of A Game of You, […]

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Batwoman #12 review

Still on the trail of Gotham’s missing children, Batwoman enlists the help of friendly were-beast Kyle Abbot. He leads her through an abandoned funhouse that’s anything but fun – they’re attacked by an urban legend come to life, Bloody Mary. They stop the legendary murderess, but fail to find the kidnapper Sune, aka Maro, ‘a […]

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The Shade #5 review

Anyone for a drop of La Sangre? Barcelona’s vampire heroine, previously seen in Shade writer James Robinson’s underrated Superman run, steals the show in this instalment of the 12-part Starman spin-off. Gentleman thief and occasional hero Richard Caldecott, the Shade, seeks out La Sangre to ask for her help with a family matter. But while she’s willing […]

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Batwoman #5 review

Now if that isn’t the spookiest cover you’ll see this week, courtesy of JH Williams III … A spot of meditation helps Batwoman – ‘proud lesbian’ Kate Kane, as the page one legend so subtly puts it – realise how to stop the water spirit who’s been stealing Gotham children. She confronts the ghost, Maria, […]

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The Shade #4 review

You may recognise the old dear on Tony Harris’s witty cover (‘Stygian Darkness’ indeed!) as one of the most … singular … characters of the Golden Age. If you don’t, I’ll leave the details to come as a surprise when you read this comic. Because it’s not one to pass up. The Shade #4 is […]

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