Justice League United #13 review

The new Justice League Unlimited undertakes its second mission, gathering a fresh team to shut down an anomaly in France. Alanna Strange, Equinox, Animal Man and Stargirl recruit Batgirl, Steel, Robotman and Vandal Savage to enter a zone where time is in chaos, and wars past and future are being fought simultaneously. The motley crew […]

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Action Comics #37 review

The Haunting of Smallville storyline continues with Superman’s ally the Toyman arriving in town and thrilled to bits by the teleportation effect that sends anyone trying to break through a bizarro barrier bouncing from one end to another. Superman, who’s been having less fun with the phenomenon, finally comes to a stop in a cornfield […]

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Action Comics #33 review

Accepting his self-imposed exile, Superman is in the far reaches of space, smashing asteroids. He’s trying to burn the Doomsday virus from his system, but it’s only getting stronger. Back on Earth, Steel and Lana Lang blast off in a spaceship designed by the hammer-holding hero, determined to help their friend. Red Lantern Supergirl has […]

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Superman Doomed #1 review

I was there when Doomsday killed Superman. I was bored. Thump. Bash. Wham.  A lot of splash pages and a lot of bruises and blood. Not a great story – the great story came in between the dull Death of Superman and the rather rubbish Resurrection. It featured the four claimants to the Superman name […]

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Action Comics #4 review

Brainiac’s invasion of Metropolis continues, with his computer virus motivating the creation of thousands of ‘Terminauts’ across the globe. But they’re not out to terminate humans, only Superman. The other part of their mission is to preserve – read, ‘steal – Mankind’s treasures. Clark Kent, visiting an industrial plant with Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen, […]

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Steel #1 review

The good news: Steel gets his first solo appearance in years. The bad: we won’t be seeing another anytime soon. I like Steel. Inspired by Superman, John Henry Irons built a metal super-suit and went toe-to-toe with the worst Metropolis had to offer while the Man of Steel was dead/growing a mullet. In this one-shot he steps […]

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