Superman #26 review

It’s rather appropriate that an issue featuring the Parasite should prove especially absorbing. Not for the fight with the power-sucking plunderer, which is eye-popping fun, but for the characterisation. Let’s take a look … The issue opens with Clark Kent cooking for Wonder Woman. As he’s been offering her rhubarb soup – does such a […]

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Supergirl #24 review

When we last saw Supergirl, she was dead, her flesh stolen by the Cyborg Superman in his bid to learn who he once was. And the answer? Kara’s presumed dead father, Zor-El. This issue opens with the revelation that Kara’s consciousness survives, having joined the I’noxian planetary collective. She’s manifesting as a child version of […]

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Superman #23.2 – Brainiac #1 review

Brainiac. He’s been around since the 1950s, shrinking worlds and locking horns with Superman. As one of the Man of Steel’s best-known villains he’s crossed over to the latest continuity, and this Villains Month special gives us the lowdown on who he is these days. Tying into Grant Morrison’s Collector of Worlds storyline from Action […]

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Superman Annual #2 review

Superman Annual? Lois Lane Special, more like. And that’s fine by me, as we don’t see nearly enough of the First Lady of the DC Universe these days. The book opens with the striking image of Lois somehow struck down, convinced she’s about to die. Her whole life doesn’t flash before her eyes, but Lois […]

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Superman Family Adventures #9 review

Brainiac arrives on Earth and persuades Lex Luthor to team up with him for an attack on the Fortress of Solitude. Well, I say ‘persuades’ but in truth, he kidnaps Lex, putting him in charge of his shrink ray. Meanwhile, Metropolis is revelling in the super-efficient Brainiac tech that’s been popping up without explanation. Perry […]

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Action Comics #8 review

Oh. My. Word. If there’s a page in this week’s comics more likely to make you jump out of your chair than the full-page shot of Superman flying towards the reader, I don’t wish to see it. Here I’ll show you … no, I’m not sure you’re ready. Get a stiff drink, bear with me […]

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Action Comics #899 review

I’m almost ashamed to say it, but I’m proud of Lex Luthor. Yes, he’s a scumbag with no reverence for any individual life other than his own, but he’s our scumbag. A regular human, no super abilities but able to take on, and beat, beings of immense power. And that’s what he does this issue, […]

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What’s in a name?

A brief question. Does anyone have strong feelings as to how we should refer to comic creators in reviews? I tend to go full-out with names on the first mention, then switch to surnames.  Or rather, Martin Gray tends to go full out with names on the first mention, then Gray sticks to surnames. It’s habit […]

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