Podcast plug!

The lads behind the Doom Patrol podcast Waiting For Doom, Mike and Paul, recently added a second show to their feed, alternating with the previously weekly DP index episodes. The new strand is DCOCD, in which they discuss DC events of the past. A general discussion is followed by the giving of points out of […]

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Crossing the Blogosphere

Welcome to the new home of Too Dangerous For a Girl – the continuing lack of support given by Google to the Blogger platform  just wore me down… Hopefully the old posts have all migrated OK. I’m not especially WordPress-savvy so let me know what works, what doesn’t and feel free to suggest improvements. Thanks […]

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Man of Steel #4 review

Superman and Supergirl are fighting mad. They’re face to face with the creature who destroyed Kandor and while their instincts are to pummel him, the alien brute has chosen Metropolis as the battleground, meaning every blow thrown puts lives at risk.  While the monster whose name he doesn’t know is caught up with Kara, Superman […]

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Titans Special #1 review

The Source Wall is broken. The Titans are broken. Why not bring the two problems together and see what happens? That’s the concept for the latest relaunch of the senior Titans team, set up in this extra-sized special before it’s rolled out into the regular series. The Source Wall energy is causing new metahumans to […]

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Man of Steel #3 review

Having discovered that at least one Kryptonian survived the destruction of Krypton, alien zealot Rogol Zaar heads to Earth, where he ravages Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. He’s apparently been doing research, because he’s not surprised to find the last surviving city of Krypton, shrunk and placed inside a bottle.  Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Batman has arrived […]

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Hawkman #1 review

It’s not often I agree with the monster attacking a superhero but the humongous gorilla in the latest Hawkman first issue has a point.  Carter Hall is just outright nicking something that doesn’t belong to him. Yes, he tells the Guardian Golem he’d return ‘the Nautilus of Revealment of Ooahk Kung’ once he has what […]

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Plastic Man #1 review

Can you judge a book by its cover? In this case, I’d say yes. Aaron Lopresti’s image shows a gangster’s moll looking sour as a patsy bleeds out in an alley and wiseguys look back at their handiwork. Plastic Man looms over all. Inside we get pretty much that same scene, with the absence of […]

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The Unexpected #1 review 

In Mammoth City, the metahuman Firebrand is beating up Killer Croc. She doesn’t pick fights, but she’s grateful for them, having been brought back to life after the Dark Knights: Metal event got her killed.  As pacemakers go, the Conflict Engine is a bummer. A former paramedic, Firebrand – real name Janet Fals – volunteers […]

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Justice League #1 review

There’s a new Justice League in town. Not just in town, but all across the planet. This League seems unlimited in terms of numbers, with a core membership – J’onn J’onzz, Wonder Woman, Hawkwoman, Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Superman and Flash – supplemented by dozens of heroes. Green Arrow, Swamp Thing, Adam Strange, Hawkman… […]

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