Convergence: Justice League #1 review

One year ago, the female Justice League members were at a baby shower in Gotham City for Jesse Quick, when the baby arrived quicker than expected. Supergirl flew Jesse to hospital while Zatanna, Vixen and Jade followed, laden down with gifts. And that’s when the city was surrounded by an unbreakable, super-power-sucking dome, and transported […]

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Batman and the Outsiders 12 review

‘AN OUTSIDER DIES’ screams the cover. ‘No one cares,’ sighs the reader. Seriously, there are a few Outsiders who have maintained a presence in the DCU in between this book’s many cancellations because they bring something different to the party. Katana (tempestuous mystical swordswoman), Metamorpho (conflicted chemical king, Geo Force (mass-moving prince) . . . […]

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