Batman #100 review

It’s his greatest triumph. After a full-on battle with his arch foe, he lives to fight another day. Happy Birthday, dear Joker… Batman may as well not be in this book, for how effective he is. Batgirl looks good, reviving her Oracle persona. Nightwing, his memories restored, gives the Joker’s goons a good kicking. Red […]

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Batman #91 review

Lots of bars have comedy nights, but few get to host the Joker. Barman Brent is less than thrilled, though, as the Clown Prince of Crime is spouting expository dialogue so vague that it’s not really very useful. On the streets of Gotham, crime tourist Deathstroke is finally free of bat-drones sicced on him by […]

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Justice League #37 review

So here we are, at chapter 37 of the current Justice League story. Yay. Will it ever end, this tale of the Totality and Apex Lex and the broken Source Wall and three – count ’em, three – Monitors and the Dark Multiverse and Prenuptia or whatever her name is… Am I the only person […]

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Justice League #25 review

It’s the 25th issue of the current Justice League book, complete with shiny new logo, and it’s feels like the 400th. The Source Wall is still broken, the threat of Perpetua yet looms, Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom are once more up to all kinds of shenanigans and, frankly, it’s rather exhausting. Which […]

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Justice League #20 review

The Justice League members have been invited to the Sixth Dimension by a future version of Superman, just seconds after they saw the Clark they know step through a cosmic portal. Ten years from now, older versions of themselves say, all the planet’s problems have been conquered. Yes, everything is pretty darn peachy. Hawkgirl and […]

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Justice League #19 review

It’s a fine day in Metropolis. The Source Wall is broken, the Legion of Doom are trying to wake an elder god, but the Justice League members are smiling. And they have a plan. Facing incredible omniversal forces, who better to help than one of the most powerful beings in creation? As it happens, the […]

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Justice League #12 review

To best enjoy the current Justice League run, it’s best not to sweat the big stuff. Moon blown up? Just go with it. Everyone on earth transformed into sea monsters? It happens. If things don’t make sense at the time, they’re generally clarified an issue or two later. I’m not so keen on outright cheats, […]

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Adventures of the Super Sons #1 review

‘The boys are back in town’ proclaims Dan Mora’s scrappily energetic cover, and DC isn’t kidding. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent return to publication after the editorially driven cancellation of their regular series and are more fun than ever. From the slightly meta opening… … to the electrifying final page, writer Peter J Tomasi and […]

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Teen Titans #20 review

The new Teen Titans are on their latest mission – bringing down the current incarnation of the Church of Brother Blood. As the new members gel surprisingly well considering they’ve only worked together a handful of times, leader Robin thinks about how he recruited each one. First came Kid Flash, who served with Damian Wayne […]

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