Dark Crisis #1 review

This issue, a Titan DIES! Or, if it’s Tuesday, it must be Crisis. Let’s pretend the previous 17 or however many Crisis events we’ve enjoyed or endured since the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened were fluffy affairs, because this is the Dark Crisis! Which means that the villains stand in the shadows. Well, so far… […]

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Justice League #75 review

Here’s a comic that ‘does what it says on the tin’. The Justice League get killed. Blasted to smithereens. Apparently. Because we all know they’re coming back… this issue is full of characters who have been killed and reborn. Heck, Wonder Woman has only been back from her death in the previous ‘Crisis to end […]

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Teen Titans Academy #9 review

Roy Harper is back from the dead. The hero who began as Speedy and has also gone by Arsenal and Red Arrow has appeared at the school his fellow Titans have named for him, right in the middle of Homecoming. Donna, Raven and co are quite interested as to how this has happened, but are […]

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Action Comics #1037 review

Superman and the Authority are on Warworld to free the slaves of the latest tyrant in the Mongul line. The thing is, they don’t seem to want to be rescued. While Superman takes on the master, his allies face up to the servants of Warworld. Once again Action Comics lives up to its name, as […]

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Action Comics #1035 review

Action is the name of the game as this issue opens, with Superboy frantically fighting off a near-crazy Thao-La. The refugee from Warworld has seen her friends murdered by lackeys of Mongul, and believes that if she doesn’t kill Superman’s loved ones, the rest of her people will be slaughtered. She’s already attacked Lois in […]

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Teen Titans Academy #6 review

This issue Red X… … doesn’t appear, isn’t mentioned, may as well not exist. This issue features a handful of The Roy Harper Academy students having a summer holiday adventure after taking a day trip outside New York. This issue is just great, because as well as the absence of Red X, it’s also without […]

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Justice League #64 review

This month’s Justice League main strip is a day in the life story. Well, mainly. The first few pages take place off Earth, away from the Justice League, as the United Planets prepare for the trial of a rogue superman, the Synmar Utopica. On the world of Daxam, we meet the team of heroes who […]

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