Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #7 review

Loads of heroes fight loads of villains. The darkness inside Pariah jumps from Deathstroke to Nightwing. Black Adam shares his power to enable the heroes to resist corruption by Pariah’s darkness The newly amped Dr Light and the Flashes do… something. And the new multiverse of multiverses stands. In the aftermath, the back-from-the-not-quite-dead Justice League […]

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Tim Drake: Robin #1 review

It’s funny, everything about this comic screams ‘Young Adult’ but it’s about a guy having a midlife crisis. Tim Drake has packed in college, bought a houseboat, dumped his girlfriend and is experimenting with his sexuality. He may still be a teenager, but Tim’s always been mature for his years. As we join him in […]

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Dark Crisis #3 review

The latest version of the Justice League is dead and despair is everywhere. The heroes who might take up the League’s mantle are having a wallow. The heroes who want to take up the slack are being condemned by their self-appointed leader. That’s Black Adam speaking. He reckons the good guys need to show the […]

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DC Vs Vampires #7 review

We’re at the halfway point of DC’s latest imaginary apocalyptic saga, following the successes of Injustice and DCeased. The Undead plague has taken most of the heroic big hitters, the skies are black and humans are being farmed in Smallville. A ragtag group of heroes are leading a convoy to a rumoured secret sanctuary. Adam […]

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Dark Crisis #2 review

Titans Tower is under siege as DC’s biggest event of 2022 continues. The good news is that Titans Academy student Chupacabra hasn’t been blown to smithereens along with the bomb strapped to him last issue. The bad news is that said explosive did indeed go off, wrecking the superhero school for the second time this […]

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Dark Crisis #1 review

This issue, a Titan DIES! Or, if it’s Tuesday, it must be Crisis. Let’s pretend the previous 17 or however many Crisis events we’ve enjoyed or endured since the Crisis on Infinite Earths happened were fluffy affairs, because this is the Dark Crisis! Which means that the villains stand in the shadows. Well, so far… […]

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Earth Prime: Stargirl #4 review

Do you ever buy a comic with low expectations and then find yourself blown out of the water? That’s what happened with this latest DC tie-in to the WB superhero shows. I saw publicity for the first couple but was put off by the cover art; also, they’re tying into the TV show continuity and […]

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Justice League Incarnate #5 review

It’s the final issue of the dimension-spanning mini-series and the threat of the Great Darkness is growing. The primal force that wants to wipe out the light of not just one, but two, multiverses is ever encroaching. Hope comes in an unlikely form. As Darkseid struggles against agent of Darkness the Gentry, Justice League Incarnate […]

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