Superman #2 review

The Parasite is on the rampage. Actually, make that Parasites – where previously energy leech Rudy Jones would get bigger and scarier with each injection of life force, now he’s splitting into mini-mes. Think Multiplex with sharper teeth. It seems Parasite’s powers have been tweaked by the latest group of bonkers boffins to hit the […]

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Justice Society of America #3 review

The Huntress of decades from now has been bouncing around the timestream, watching various iterations of Dr Fate die. Now Helena Wayne is in 2023, facing contemporary Dr Fate and future JSA teammate Khalid Nassour and his Justice League Dark colleagues Deadman and Bobo the Detective Chimp. He’s understandably perturbed to learn Huntress has seen […]

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Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1

Ultraman, the evil Kal-El, is rampaging across the Multiverse with one thing on his mind. The murder of Superman. Again and again. Equipped with a device to weaken his targets at a cellular level, Ultraman has the advantage. On Earth One, meanwhile, young Superman Jon Kent is spending time with his boyfriend, Jay Nakamura. Jon […]

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Action Comics #1052 review

The unveiling of the new Steelworks building in Metropolis has been hit by an explosion, and Metallo has risen from the wreckage. Luckily the entire Super Family is on the scene. While our two Steels – Natasha and John Henry Irons – get in some good blows, it’s Superman who ends the immediate Metallo threat […]

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The Flash #793 review

Flash Gordon had 14 hours to save the Earth. The Flash Family have maybe a minute… Earth is under seige as alien conquerors The Fraction enact their plan to steal the planet’s resources, killing the population along the way. Their connection to the Speed Force means the World’s Greatest Superheroes are too slow to have […]

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Superman #1 review

It’s a brand new day in Metropolis, with Superman still basking in the joy of being home after his Warworld adventure. The villains are low stakes… … the Daily Planet is ticking over… … and with Lex Luthor in prison, Lexcorp is… …Supercorp? That’s unexpected. It seems that Superman having turned down Lex’s offer of […]

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