Teen Titans Academy #15 review

And so we say farewell to the latest Teen Titans series, which has the distinction of being the most frustrating superhero series in years. Some issues have been great, more have been terrible. Which means that the book tanked and the promising new characters – Gorilla Gregg, Stitch, Summer, Diego – are likely now waiting […]

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Action Comics #1043 review

The Warworld revolution is underway, with Superman and his ragtag bunch of rebels determined to dismantle alien dictator Mongul’s evil kingdom. And today the target is the headquarters of Mongul’s mad scientist lieutenant Teacher, as he bids to turn the Authority’s resident mentalist, Manchester Black, into a weapon of mass destruction. Elsewhere on Warworld, another […]

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The Flash #782 review

Having just persuaded cousin Wallace to share his super-speed ‘paper route’, the Flash, Wally West, finds one of his old enemies, Girder, has escaped Iron Heights prison. A perfect time to try out the new partnership. Meanwhile, Linda Park West has taken super-powered twins Jai and Irey to the local park. With a spot of […]

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Naomi Season Two #3 review

Fearing that Thanagarian mechanic pal Dee is about to risk his life to kill the creature who murdered her homeworld, new superhero Naomi has followed him to Star Labs. Immediately, it’s portal party time and a team-up with fellow Justice Leaguer Cyborg to contain a multiversal monster. Dee’s nowhere to be seen, but back in […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #11 review

This issue starts soon after the close of last month’s instalment, with Jon in a Justice League safe house, reeling from Batman’s insistence that his boyfriend Jay isn’t to be trusted because he runs with a bad crowd, The Revolutionaries. Jon zooms out of the mountain chalet, leaving Batman alone. But not for long. Jon’s […]

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One-Star Squadron #6 review

If ever a comic book should come with a helpline number, it’s One-Star Squadron. The first five issues of this six-part mini-series have been relentlessly glum, with the cheeriest moments never managing to rise beyond ‘melancholy’. All along I’ve been hanging on to a hope – the final issue will be one massive dawn to […]

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Blue & Gold #8 review

Ryan Sook’s movie poster cover is the perfect opening to the final issue of a spectacularly good-natured mini-series. Two shining heroes getting great reviews for their endless good deeds. And that’s pretty much how things stand as ‘Unmasked at Last’ opens. Michael and Ted’s Blue & Gold Restoration venture has been doing good all over […]

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The Flash #781 review

For a comic titled ‘All pedal, no brakes’, it’s ironic that it takes so long for things to get going. Four of the first five pages are current Kid Flash Wallace being distracted by cousin Wally’s entreaties to skip class at the current ragtag version of Titans Academy. That’s a lot of space in a […]

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