Young Justice #4 review

In the Gemworld dungeons, the trapped teens loosely united by the Young Justice name are trying to come up with a way out. Unfortunately, the magic employed by Dark Lord Opal is befuddling their minds… they just can’t get their act together. To make use of the time, Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, tells them of […]

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Young Justice #2 review

An assortment of young superheroes have been transported to the otherworldly realm of Gemworld. Robin doesn’t know why he’s there, but he’s grabbing what fun there is to be had, alongside local princess Amethyst. Elsewhere, cowgirl Ginny Hex is trying to introduce herself to Teen Lantern when Wonder Girl happens along. Cassie brings with her […]

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Action Comics #1007 review

Jimmy Olsen’s on a date. He’s in Seattle with new squeeze Ella, but he starts to wonder what kind of squeeze she’s out to put on him when she introduces him to her religion. The Daily Planet’s red-headed photographer manages to get some snaps and get the heck out, just before things go ‘boom’. We […]

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Young Justice #1 review

It’s just another day in Metropolis. A traffic cop wants a young woman to show what’s in the back of her pick-up… … and the sky opens, spewing terrifying figures into the city. Luckily, cowgirl Jinny has arrived in the big city on a day unlike any other… a day when Superman isn’t around, but […]

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Action Comics #1003 review

Robinson Goode, who’s bad, has a meeting in the Metropolis Underworld. She’s spying on the Daily Planet staff for an unknown criminal mastermind, and has kindly requested insurance for the almost inevitable run-in with Superman. Later, back at the office, Clark has the mother of all migraines. Or should that be Mother World? He soon […]

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Action Comics #1002 review

The issue opens with a recap page similar to last month’s. On the streets of Metropolis, it’s not business as usual. Daily Planet chief Perry White isn’t impressed by new reporter Robinson Goode’s apparently uncritical acceptance of the idea that the Man of Steel is murdering criminals. After tearing a strip off her, Perry lets […]

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Action Comics #1001 review

The first thing I like about this first issue of Action Comics by the new team of Brian Michael Bendis and Patrick Gleason is that on the opening splash it doesn’t kick off with the usual ‘DC Comics presents Superman’ but… … it’s a small distinction, but I like it – Bendis wants his two […]

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