Action Comics #44 review

The battle for Clark Kent’s neighbourhood continues, with the Mayor revealed as the force behind the shadow demons plaguing our hero. Her influence extends, taking over some of the ordinary people who have been standing behind Superman, causing them to turn on their fellows. But when the inky darkness hits Superman’s new firefighter friend Lee, […]

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Justice League 3001 #3 review

The Justice League of the 31st century could be happier. Having fought to liberate the world of Wodin Twelve from Starro’s mind control, it turns out their ancient foe has been commissioned by galactic authorities to bring order to the chaotic planet. Team manager Ariel Masters is in an even worse mood – she’s somehow […]

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Justice League 3001 #2 review

Here she comes to save the day. Supergirl arrives on Takron Galtos as the Justice League fights the drone slaves of Starro. The Flash, Teri Magnus, has been zooming around the planet, looking for the prime Starro – dealing with the cosmic jellyfish dictator will free his thralls, but she’s had no luck. Can a […]

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Justice League 3001 #1 review

It’s a new beginning for Justice League 3000… it’s Justice League 3001! The future’s most dysfunctional superheroes have conquered bad guys aplenty, expanded their roster and now they’re ready to take on the threat of Starrohe Conqueror. Beginning with their first recorded adventure, the original JLA took the super-starfish down plenty of times, but as […]

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Justice League 3000 #14 review

In which the immortal goddess Ice returns from a sleep of 1000 years. Blue Beetle and Booster Gold teleport to Cadmusworld and straight into the hands of precocious genius Terry. Terry’s sister Teri shows that since dying and being reborn with Barry Allen’s Flash DNA, she’s taken on pieces of his personality. And a strangely […]

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Justice League 3000 #9 review

I’m a couple of weeks late with this review. Then again, this comic is set in the 31st century, so maybe not.  If you’re just coming in, this is the story of a reborn Justice League, freedom fighters against The Five, massively powerful villains who are taking over the universe. The initial issues were powered […]

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Justice League 3000 #1 review

It’s the 31st century – do you know who your heroes are? Here’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern, the Justice League, reborn to deliver paradise back to the people from whom it’s been snatched away. But do they have what it takes? Some of the superbeings we meet in this debut […]

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Green Arrow #7 review

Take three girls. Three attractive, deadly girls. Triplets with massive assets. And never mind their brains, they’re stunning to boot – this is comics – and their blonde charms prove useful for getting Green Arrow’s attention. Along with hundreds of tiny arrows aimed at his head. Ann Nocenti gets her run as writer off to […]

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