Young Justice #17 review

It’s the morning after the fight before and the members of Young Justice are helping with clean-up. Having teamed up with the Justice League to fend off the Legion of Doom, the teenage heroes are helping Metropolis get back on its feet. But it’s not only superheroes who are doing good.

Meet Yolanda and her dad, ready to refresh and feed. As the young woman hands out water, some of the young heroes catch up with their older counterparts.

There’s Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman…

… Tim and Batman…

… and Impulse and Flash.

The feels aren’t all inter-generational, as Conner Kent is deeply touched to find Bart Allen snapped a picture of him punching Lex Luthor.

The groups split up to go home, except for Conner, who’s off to the Fortress of Solitude/Action Comics with Superman to interrogate their relationship. But not before Superman has a final word.

I loved that. How many times have we heard adult heroes tell younger set to butt out, leave the fighting to them. But not here, the Justice Leaguers are fair gushing with pride. Heck, this issue could be retitled Warm and Fuzzy Justice, so full is it of sweet moments – there’s another one at the end as we find out just where Miss Yolanda Chan – darn, I would have bet on Montez – fits into this imprint that is Wonder Comics.

That bit between Bart and Grandpa Barry is part of two pages of them getting reacquainted after being parted by a spot of multiversal realignment. In a nice touch, writers Brian Michael Bendis and David Walker have them running as they talk, so they can swap information at super-speed.

This gives artist Scott Godlewski the excuse to draw everyone else as frozen figures, and colourist Gabe Eltaeb picks up the baton by toning them like statues against Speed Force reds and yellows.

I’m not sure how I feel about Barry’s advice to Bart to put aside thoughts of working out what’s up with the timeline. From their point of view, living it, it makes perfect sense, it’s their best chance of not being driven to distraction while waiting for the other cosmic shoe to drop. On the other, DC writers keep putting the questions out there, so is it right to drop the matter? Maybe Messrs Bendis and Walker know there’s a nice, clean continuity coming after the current Metal storyline (Dark? Heavy? Pedal to the…? I honestly can’t remember) but as I’m snubbing that, a recap here of the results would be lovely.

For this issue, I think, the writers simply wanted to cheer everyone up; for once the heroes get to take a breath as they bask in a win, while seeds of future storylines are sown, such as the House of Kent Superman Family matter, and a godly trial for Cassie.

Speaking of whom, I loved her calling Wonder Woman ‘Auntie Diana’. While I’m not a fan of both Wonder Gals being actual blood Olympians, as that’s what they are for now, why not have them act like loving family members? Diana basically crowning Cassie leader of Young Justice was great.

Great, too, is the art by Godlewski and Eltaeb, and not just in that super-speed chat – the book is filled with dozens of colourful characters but never looks cluttered. Everyone is on model, can be easily picked out in a crowd and the storytelling is first rate. The only person who doesn’t look good is Tim, still in that brown costume and still insisting we call him Drake. Shall we not?

It’s a shame we don’t hear what Batman and Tim talk about, but there’s some manly patting so presumably all is OK – maybe Bruce is offering to find Tim a better look… has anyone seen Crazy Quilt? Detroit League Vibe? Nineties Thor?

Oh, and did we know cowgirl Jinny Hex was gay? I’m actually more interested in finding out what’s in her box of tricks than in who she fancies. Come on kind writers, you are allowed to finish the odd subplot!

A nod to Wes Abbott for the attractive letters, and regular artist John Timms, and Eltaeb, for the cover, though it’s odd that different looks weren’t chosen for the spare Bart and Conner. Tim times two has no such problem. His problem is the ruddy awful new costume (not even a cape!). Have I mentioned that already?

I really enjoy time out issues and this is a thoroughly engaging, great-looking one, full of positive vibes.

Now, bring on the bad guys…

7 thoughts on “Young Justice #17 review

    1. I’m so glad New 52 Cassie is behind us, that was a dreadful version. Now, if only she’d swap that weirdly drab skirt for something interesting. Utilitarian and ‘unsexy’ is fine, but bland? Not allowed!

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  1. The Ginny reveal was pretty much how other writers should do it. It took seventeen issues to mention and it was just a few panels so no big deal. As for Yolanda, I hope hanging with the Wonder Twins doesn’t cost her IQ points!

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  2. I don’t think Bendis is teasing anything about continuity – on the contrary, he’s making fun of all the fuss. The story title is”The Now.” This moment is all that matters, not the grand explanations.

    With DiDio and his “Generations” gone, Snyder has stated, perhaps on podcasts, that Death Metal now has some heavier lifting to do and needs to accomplish more than he intended.

    We are many months away from the ending of Death Metal, and if I had to put money on it, I’d say that as of today, Snyder has no real idea how it’s going to end or if there really will be a reboot. I think DC would prefer it if the generation of fans that care about continuity would just get out of the way – the evidence of that in the daily Digital Firsts, and all the other new digitals: the weekly Harley: Black + White + Red; the bi-weekly DCeased: Hope at World’s End; the brand new bi-weekly Injustice: Year Zero. Not to mention the deluge of YA and Kids books, a couple of them every month, that are complete reimaginings wildly out of continuity.

    Death Metal itself exists in a post-continuity dying multi-verse which by any measure is really a world outside of continuity. So he gets to write a Batmanhattan and a Batom and other silly character mashups, exactly what an author would do out of continuity. (Not unlike his Batman: Last Knight on Earth series, where Batman carried a living Joker’s head around in a jar.) He’s sort of eating his cake (writing out-of-continuity stories) and having it (under the banner of “this is what has really happened thanks to Perpetua, and by the end we will have charted a new course for the DCU”).

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  3. You’re probably right about everything! I am sad that the DC Digitals with timeless done in ones featuring the likes of Aquaman, Flash and Ghosts seem to be being replaced by ever more Batman material.

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