Nightwing #81 review

It seems rude, I try not to, but I can’t help it. Usually, when reading a new comic, I find myself stopping to make notes. A word here, a sentence there, just in case I decide to give it a shout-out here. Not with the new Nightwing. Since writer Tom Taylor, illustrator Bruno Redondo and […]

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Suicide Squad #4 review

Task Force X chief Amanda Waller’s mission to enlist/kidnap Teen Titans Academy speedster Blur has failed, but her team has brought in Red X. The wild card who has been haunting the school for supers is in custody at Belle Reve prison, stripped down with only his mask unable to be removed. Field leader Peacemaker […]

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Suicide Squad #3 review

Amanda Waller is getting to know new Task Force X recruit Superboy better. But is she sitting down with him over a cuppa? Not Waller. Not this version, anyway. #notmywaller Why be straight with an actual superhero who’s agreed to work with the Suicide Squad – despite being tortured along the way – when you […]

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Nightwing #79 review

How to spend billions. It’s a problem we’ve all had to contend with at some point in life, and today it’s Dick Grayson’s turn. He’s been left the savings of Alfred Pennyworth, manservant and, it turns out, man of means. Dick knew his other father, Bruce Wayne, was loaded, but that Thomas Wayne had left […]

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Nightwing #78 review

Dick gets a dog – and she’s adorable! Oh, you want more? Well, you don’t have to be a boy acrobat to find this first Infinite Frontier issue of Nightwing a wonderful jumping-on point. The story opens with a flashback to our hero’s first meeting with future Batgirl and Oracle Barbara Gordon, after they’ve both […]

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Suicide Squad #1 review

Rick Flag Jr has been Amanda Waller’s field leader for a long time. He’s also her conscience, ensuring she doesn’t go too far when it comes to running black ops missions involving supervillains. It seems, though, that whatever influence he’s exerted is no more. She’s ‘tired of losing’. And, it turns out, tired of him. […]

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Suicide Squad #11 review

When your book is called Suicide Squad, fatalities are to be expected. And, to be honest, enjoyed. What’s not expected is a resurrection. Sure, such things happen in superhero comics, but wouldn’t a Lazarus-like return in this series cheapen the brand? Not when the brand is the vision of writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno […]

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Young Justice #20 review

It’s their final issue so what better time for the teenage superheroes of the Young Justice league to choose a new headquarters? Make that ‘an old headquarters’. It’s the Secret Sanctuary of the original Justice League of America; also, the HQ of Young Justice a multiversal reboot or two ago (as well as the Doom […]

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