Naomi Season Two #3 review

Fearing that Thanagarian mechanic pal Dee is about to risk his life to kill the creature who murdered her homeworld, new superhero Naomi has followed him to Star Labs. Immediately, it’s portal party time and a team-up with fellow Justice Leaguer Cyborg to contain a multiversal monster. Dee’s nowhere to be seen, but back in […]

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Justice League 2022 Annual

The Return opens in an unexpected place with a surprise hero. OMAC, One Man Army Corp of The World That’s Coming, going about his regular business of fighting the tools of evil corporations. But who’s that in the tube in the corner? Another surprise. Hawkgirl in the future. Of course, she’s also in the past, […]

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Checkmate #6 review

Talia has betrayed Checkmate, she’s been revealed as working with Leviathan leader Mark Shaw. Manhunter Kate Shaw isn’t pleased. The Hall of Justice is in darkness, giving undercover Leviathan agent Whitney a chance to take control of the Heroes’ Network. Meanwhile, Mark Shaw is attacking Checkmate member Lois Lane and recently uncovered spy brother Leo. […]

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Checkmate #5 review

Mark Shaw, leader of the rogue country Leviathan, has teleported the church being used by the new Checkmate group as a base from the US to Thailand. The spymasters, though, manage to escape via a portal to the basement of the Hall of Justice. Upstairs, the Wonder Twins show a new batch of Justice League […]

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Justice League #67 review

And once again we have a cover that seems to belong to a different month. Nowhere in this issue do Black Canary and Green Arrow fight a gang of Deathstroke cosplayers. They show up at the end, but meet only Lois Lane’s supposed brother, who we now learn goes by the rather hilarious ‘Leonardo Lane’, […]

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Checkmate #3 review

DC’s super-spy mini-series begins in the aftermath of assassin queen Talia’s aborted escape from Leviathan. She’s murdered associates of the country’s leader, Mark Shaw, and Superman has come to take her to the US and prison. Afterwards, Shaw addresses his surviving partners. A few weeks later, members of the ad hoc Checkmate group discuss new […]

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