Superman: Son of Kal-El #4 review

This month, as the cover shows, someone drops in unannounced on Jonathan and Martha Kent. Then, visiting grandson Jon gets through to new pal Jay. The Justice League prove pretty pitiable as guardians of the cornfield. The Kents define ‘sanguine’. And Wally West lends a super-speed shoulder. Or to put it another way, Jon has […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #3 review

In Central City, Superman and son Jon rescue hundreds of people – and pets – from a building hit by an unnatural disaster. A young superhuman at the scene denies all knowledge of causing the building to fall, but her costume rather unsubtly hints that she was involved. Jon is called away by new pal […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #2 review

That’s a striking cover from John Timms, I always like it when the Superman shield is incorporated into a design, and the upside down Metropolis cityscape screams “City of Tomorrow’. The globe is probably one element too many, though it’s relevant to the interior, while the lines behind Jon are just confusing… is it a […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 review

Well, that’s a pretty cover, a great homage to Superman #1 from waaaaaay back in 1939. Sharp logo, too. It’s a shame the effect of inflation is so upfront – fewer pages for a lot more money, yay! Still, artist John Timms does a lovely job of updating the original picture to represent this book’s […]

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Superman #32 review

‘Is this the end of Superman’ asks the cover blurb? It’s a double-edged sword of a question – for several issues we’ve had Super Son Jon Kent convinced that his dad is doomed to die soon. The question could also relate to the series as this is the final issue of the latest run, thought […]

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Superman #31 review

On another world. Superman and Superboy face an ancient, undying evil that’s possessing the populace. Clark and Jon decide to tackle the situation on two fronts – Senior will warn the locals to beware the Shadowbreed, while Junior accompanies the local prince to a lab where, he says, he can produce a useful bomb. Of […]

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Superman #30 review

It’s just a perfect day. Lois, Clark and Jon Kent play crazy golf in the park. It’s such fun, but the peace is interrupted by a summons from space. The voice of an old friend of Superman is calling for help. Superman and Superboy take off, leaving Lois for a solo swinging session. On the […]

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