Superman #32 review

‘Is this the end of Superman’ asks the cover blurb? It’s a double-edged sword of a question – for several issues we’ve had Super Son Jon Kent convinced that his dad is doomed to die soon. The question could also relate to the series as this is the final issue of the latest run, thought […]

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Superman #31 review

On another world. Superman and Superboy face an ancient, undying evil that’s possessing the populace. Clark and Jon decide to tackle the situation on two fronts – Senior will warn the locals to beware the Shadowbreed, while Junior accompanies the local prince to a lab where, he says, he can produce a useful bomb. Of […]

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Superman #30 review

It’s just a perfect day. Lois, Clark and Jon Kent play crazy golf in the park. It’s such fun, but the peace is interrupted by a summons from space. The voice of an old friend of Superman is calling for help. Superman and Superboy take off, leaving Lois for a solo swinging session. On the […]

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Young Justice #20 review

It’s their final issue so what better time for the teenage superheroes of the Young Justice league to choose a new headquarters? Make that ‘an old headquarters’. It’s the Secret Sanctuary of the original Justice League of America; also, the HQ of Young Justice a multiversal reboot or two ago (as well as the Doom […]

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