Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 review

Princess Diana of the Amazons doesn’t just fight gods and monsters. Sometimes a crooked businessman catches her attention. In Commitment to Chaos her target is Simon Wickett, whose companies have snapped up real estate after a suspicious number of office buildings collapsed. Assuming he won’t agree to see her, Wonder Woman marches up to his building and demands an appointment. The nominatively determined Wickett decides to give her some elevator trouble.

Coincidentally, Amethyst used the same cool move recently

Our heroine survives both the plunging lift and sticky Wickett’s next trick, but he gets away. He has, though, told the Justice Leaguer his plans to destroy other properties, including one on Coney Island ‘owned by a psycho’ on whom he’s ordered a hit.

Diana determines he has to be talking about Harley Quinn, who, even though she’s a villain, deserves her protection. The shrink turned crazy cat is thrilled to see Wonder Woman, and hopes for a team-up.

All villains named by Harley are genuine… and I love it

Sheer delight, that’s what this story, which originally appeared in a Wonder Woman 100-page Giant, is. Diana is smart, confident and refreshingly funny…

I appreciate that while she’s carrying that ruddy stupid Xena-alike sword DC has lumbered her with since 2011, Diana doesn’t use it on anyone or thing… she does bullets and bracelets, she restrains, she crushes a gun barrel – but she doesn’t stab or slash.

As for Harley, she’s as wacky as all get-out but not so daffy as to jar while out adventuring with the Amazing Amazon. They actually make a great team, thanks to writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. We also get four – count ‘em, four – new assassins who can be slotted into future DC Universe tales. OK, the first one we meet is a tad low-rent and forgettable, while the last pair are laughably inept, but the Red Ball, she has legs.

Illustrator Inaki Miranda captures that side of the DCU that leans towards the zany with smart compositions and vibrant linework. The good gals – I have to include Harley here as she’s trying very hard to be worthy of Wondy – look terrific, while the supporting players all have character and life. Add in the talents of colourist Hi-Fi and letterer Travis Lanham and you have a great-looking, easy-reading done-in-one adventure which I reckon any comic fan would love. And it’s all topped off with a splendid cover by Conner and colourist Alex Sinclair.

So a big thanks to all the creators, including editors Andrew Marino and Marie Javins, for a much-needed shot of superheroic sunshine.

5 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 review

  1. I think Conner & Palmiotti are a great fit for Wonder Woman — it’s great how their humor and inventiveness matches Diana’s tone here, rather than Harley’s — it shows how versatile they are. And yet the story still has a place for Harley and her Bugs Bunny-meets-roller-derby silliness. I love that Miranda art, too!

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