Dark Crisis: Young Justice #4 review

Robin, Impulse and Superboy have been plucked from the everyday DC Universe and are fighting, as the cover says, everybody! Well, everybody who was anybody when they first got together as a junior Justice League. Teammates Wonder Girl, Arrowette and mentor Red Tornado, meanwhile, are trying to track the three YJ founders down. Looking for […]

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Action Comics #1042 review

In his quieter moments away from the Warworld arena, Superman has been keeping a journal. Back on Earth, Lois Lane is also writing. As it turns out, Thao-La, a Phaelosian escapee from Warworld injured in battle after a Fortress rampage, is having fits and power surges as she slowly recovers. Lois intuits that a piece […]

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Action Comics #1041 review

Superman starring in Action Comics is what the logo promises, but while Superman is in this issue, our leading man is Midnighter. Because this is the issue in which we catch up with what the Authority veteran has been up to while Superman has been surviving Mongul’s gladiatorial arena, slowly inspiring the Warzoon to believe […]

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Justice League Incarnate #5 review

It’s the final issue of the dimension-spanning mini-series and the threat of the Great Darkness is growing. The primal force that wants to wipe out the light of not just one, but two, multiverses is ever encroaching. Hope comes in an unlikely form. As Darkseid struggles against agent of Darkness the Gentry, Justice League Incarnate […]

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Deathstroke Inc #6 review

This issue starts with Black Canary fighting off members of the Secret Society, who last month were revealed as the secret council behind T.R.U.S.T. That acronymic organisation had hired Black Canary aka Dinah Lance, and Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, to capture supervillains. Dinah wasn’t sure if they were good guys or bad guys, but either […]

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Justice League Incarnate #4 review

Given the events inside this penultimate issue, Gary Frank’s intense cover at first seems an odd choice. There are cataclysmic moments aplenty, but here’s new heroine Dr Multiverse in accusatory mode. As it turns out, it’s the first panel of the story, as Dr Multiverse – newly imbued with cosmic awareness – tells her Justice […]

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Action Comics #1039 review

Trapped on Warworld, his powers inhibited by red sun radiation, Superman is learning what it means to be a fighter in Mongul’s arena. Later, one of the other fighters tells Clark that his approach is going to get him killed. Elsewhere in the tombs of Warworld, Omac and Natasha Irons – who accompanied Superman on […]

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Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 review

Well, there’s a cover. New Superman Jon Kent protesting against climate change with a bunch of equally earnest kids, including boyfriend Jay. Actually, forget the ‘earnest’ bit, after his improved performance last time I’m back to trusting Jay not one bit. Oh, and there’s Aqualad… and is that a sea monster? Anyway, the cover reminds […]

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Justice League Incarnate #3 review

Finally, after more than a decade of nonsense, Donna Troy gets the moment she deserves. Sure it’s not main-universe Donna Troy, but what does that even mean when continuity shifts every couple of years? The last Crisis event, Death Metal, ended with an infinite collection of multiverses in play. The Donna we’re seeing most regularly […]

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