The Flash #762 review

Thank you Josh Williamson. I don’t think I’ve ever started a review with thanks. That kills the suspense. I liked this issue. A lot. And the ending… just perfect. It’s the conclusion to the Finish Line storyline, which we know is Williamson’s last before he steps off the book. I didn’t know this was his […]

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The Flash #759 review

Professor Zoom is up to his old tricks. He’s taken over the body of Barry Allen because he wants to be The Flash. So after running around doing good deeds, he seeks out the recently-returned-to-reality Bart Allen. After a warm-up race, Zoom-Flash tracks down three of the Rogues he’s been working with; he’d told Golden […]

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The Flash #757 review

When I was a kid there were certain images that recurred in comics, cool visuals that made me smile, or awed me, or just reminded me about the world of DC. Superman opening his Fortress of Solitude with a giant key. The Legion floating through a rainbow of time. The Venn diagram of Earths One […]

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Ghosts #1 review

The nights are drawing in – hey, it’s nearly July! – so the latest DC Digital First offering is just the ticket, reviving a long-running mystery book with a tale tailored to today’s tastes. For rather than an anthology of shorts, Ghosts gives us a single story of the Spectre, the super-spook created by Jerry […]

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The Flash Annual #3

It may be a Flash Annual but the star of the show here is one of his most famous Rogues, Captain Boomerang. Recently released from prison after earning a pardon, we join him as he’s being interrogated by a couple of government agents about a recent run-in with the new Task Force X, which mostly […]

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #5

Diana is asked by the FBI to prevent an assassination at a conference, and her magic lasso persuades the broker behind it to reveal who’s going to be taking aim… … Deadshot! His years with the Suicide Squad mean Floyd Lawton is used to fighting more powerful people and he manages to get away from […]

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Aquaman: Deep Dives #2 review

Arthur Curry rules most of the Earth – the Seven Seas. He doesn’t, though, get to parts of his realm as often as he should. Today he’s in the Black Sea, having followed a trail of distressing stories from the world’s fish. He discovers something disturbing. He also finds self-styled eco -warriors the Sea Devils, […]

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Swamp Thing: New Roots #1 review

‘The beet goes on’ – terrible pun, brilliant story. DC’s daily Digital First programme rolls out another winner with Swamp Thing: New Roots #1, whose story debuted in Swamp Thing 100-page Giant #1 last year. One of the big benefits of stories being scooped out of anthologies and given a showcase is that covers originally […]

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