Power Pack #1 review

Power Pack are back! Katie, Jack, Julie and Alex are together for the first time in years in a five-issue mini-series tying in to the Outlawed event. As best as I can tell, that’s Civil War for Marvel’s younger set, and while I couldn’t resist grabbing a new Power Pack book, my lack of enthusiasm […]

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The Union #1 review

Britain is a bit of a mess right now, with Brexit dividing the nation. So what better time for a new superhero team with members from all corners of our islands? That’s the pitch for The Union, which kicks off with an animated adventure starring the Spirit of Britain, Britannia. In the real world, we […]

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Metal Men #11 review

It’s the Metal Men vs Pink Venom! Well, that’s what it looks like in the penultimate issue of the latest maxi-series starring the world’s most human robots. Series creators Dan DiDio and Shane Davis are nearing the end of their story, with the Metal Men trapped in the Dark Multiverse. The world of Plutonium Man […]

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Metal Men #9 review

Now that’s a fantastic cover, as illustrator Shane Davis and colourist Jason Wright homage a poster for 1933’s King Kong. Platinum as Fay Wray and the rest of the Metal Men as biplanes is as goofy as heck, and it works. As the latest chapter in this 12-issue maxi-series begins, the tone is anything but […]

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Ghosts #1 review

The nights are drawing in – hey, it’s nearly July! – so the latest DC Digital First offering is just the ticket, reviving a long-running mystery book with a tale tailored to today’s tastes. For rather than an anthology of shorts, Ghosts gives us a single story of the Spectre, the super-spook created by Jerry […]

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #5

Diana is asked by the FBI to prevent an assassination at a conference, and her magic lasso persuades the broker behind it to reveal who’s going to be taking aim… … Deadshot! His years with the Suicide Squad mean Floyd Lawton is used to fighting more powerful people and he manages to get away from […]

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Metal Men #6 review

That’s a striking cover. No Metal Men stretching and pounding elemental foes. Just Platinum, looking out at us, her mirror, as she applies lipstick, apparently for the first time. There’s a climatic moment in the classic Powell and Pressburger film when a young nun, driven mad by Himalayan isolation, embraces the womanhood she’s been forced […]

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