Sad days at DC Comics

If you follow any of the big news sites, you will have heard the news – Warner Bros are laying off something like 800 employees from various divisions, with DC losing around a third of staff. Worst hit is DC Collectibles, which is being shuttered, while the DC Universe app team is also badly hit. […]

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Ghosts #1 review

The nights are drawing in – hey, it’s nearly July! – so the latest DC Digital First offering is just the ticket, reviving a long-running mystery book with a tale tailored to today’s tastes. For rather than an anthology of shorts, Ghosts gives us a single story of the Spectre, the super-spook created by Jerry […]

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Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #1 review

Princess Diana of the Amazons doesn’t just fight gods and monsters. Sometimes a crooked businessman catches her attention. In Commitment to Chaos her target is Simon Wickett, whose companies have snapped up real estate after a suspicious number of office buildings collapsed. Assuming he won’t agree to see her, Wonder Woman marches up to his […]

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