DC Digital Scooby-Doo Team-Up #83 review

Pleasantville has an infestation problem – evil gorillas.

Monsieur Mallah and Pryemaul are just the start. But before more sinister simians make an appearance, Mystery Inc calls in specialist help – Sam Simeon of Angel & the Ape fame, Bobo the Detective Chimp and…

But forget the hairy help, it’s Shaggy who really puts the willy up the Nazi gorilla vampire.

Think of a miscreant DC ape and they’re almost certainly in this digital chapter of the new Scooby-Doo Team-Up. If they’re not, it’s a fair bet writer Sholly Fisch has plans for them in the conclusion. This time we get characters from the Golden Age, Silver Age – with special emphasis on the Swinging Sixties – and beyond in one of the funniest scripts from this dependably amusing series.

Fisch’s gags are always pitch perfect so far as character and situation is concerned, while artist Dario Brizuela hasn’t yet met a DC character he can’t adapt so they fit the Scooby-Doo style. As for the Mystery Inc gang, Brizuela, aided by colourist Franco Riesco, animates with apparent ease. Well done, too, to letterer Saida Temofonte for her ever-breezy work.

On the one hand, if I waited I could read this story in one go; on the other, a series this great can’t wait. For putting a smile on the face of an old Scooby and DC Comics fan, this series can’t be beat.

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