Heroes Reborn #3 review

When a speedster is done with the fast work, it’s time to relax – not that Blur necessarily knows what time it is. Stanley Stewart is the World’s Fastest Mortal, and speed isn’t the only trick up his Spandex sleeve – he knows magic too! What a shame his latest foe has the same mix. […]

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Heroes Reborn #1 review

It’s just another day in the neighbourhood and Robbie Reyes is a man on a mission. On a bike. Wot, no flaming muscle car? The figure watching him takes this as confirmation that this isn’t the reality he knows. Blade the Vampire Slayer finds himself on a world with no vampires. And that’s not the […]

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X-Men #1 review

Cyclops. Storm. Nightcrawler. Wolverine. Colossus. Children of the atom, students of Charles Xavier. MUTANTS – feared and hated by the world they have sworn to protect. They are the strangest heroes of all. So ran the legend that opened Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men back in the glory days of Claremont, Cockrum and Byrne. It’s time to […]

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Aquaman #50 review

It’s been a while, but Aquaman is back in Amnesty Bay. And he’s brought friends. The old sea gods he met during a recent bout of amnesia need feeding, and where better than Maine, with its legendary seafood? Having heard he was dead, Arthur Curry’s friends in the community show up to welcome him back. […]

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Aquaman #49 review

As a fan of DC’s old mystery comics, I can’t resist a ‘kissing the corpse’ cover. That reads weirder on screen than it sounded in my head. Ah well, there it is. Creepy wedding day snaps just grab me, and this image by penciller Robson Rocha, inker Daniel Henriques and colourist Alex Sinclair persuaded me […]

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Aquaman #43 review

It’s a brand new day for Aquaman. Washed up on the shores of an unknown island after the Drowned Earth crossover, he’s been taken in by an old couple. Outside, a storm rages, and a young woman walks, scattering flowers over a dead rabbit. The Justice Leaguer has lost his memory, and no one seems […]

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Justice League #12 review

To best enjoy the current Justice League run, it’s best not to sweat the big stuff. Moon blown up? Just go with it. Everyone on earth transformed into sea monsters? It happens. If things don’t make sense at the time, they’re generally clarified an issue or two later. I’m not so keen on outright cheats, […]

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Teen Titans Special #1 review

One night in Gotham, Robin is having a time-out from the life of a young vigilante. Damian Wayne is enjoying a meal in his favourite eatery, whose Lebanese immigrant owners he’s befriended. Then, local thugs arrive, and things go to hell. Damian decides he’s had enough of playing nice with bad guys who get out […]

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