Detective Comics #1009 review

That’s a heck of a cover from illustrator Doug Mahnke, colourist David Baron and the DC production department, with Mr Freeze icing up the mag’s logo to celebrate the Year of the Villain. Inside, Victor Fries barely appears – he’s confined to a two-page addendum after the meat of the issue concludes, working on his […]

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Detective Comics #1003 review

‘Atomic batteries to power and gyro-sphere to ignition.’ Now there’s a line that will resonate with longtime fans, updating the Batman TV series’s dialogue signalling the Batmobile was about to hit the road. Mind, it’s not a car Batman and Robin are taking for a spin, it’s a new version of the Bat-Gyro, that Golden […]

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Adventures of the Super Sons #4

Damian Wayne and Jon Kent have spent the last few issues tackling the super-brats calling themselves The Gang. Artificial red kryptonite has split Superboy into blue and red versions of himself, Robin is getting increasingly ratty, the boys are outnumbered… … enter Joker Junior, reluctant Gang member, and his new pal Space Cabbie. While the […]

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Adventures of the Super Sons #1 review

‘The boys are back in town’ proclaims Dan Mora’s scrappily energetic cover, and DC isn’t kidding. Damian Wayne and Jon Kent return to publication after the editorially driven cancellation of their regular series and are more fun than ever. From the slightly meta opening… … to the electrifying final page, writer Peter J Tomasi and […]

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