Green Lantern #1 review

It’s been awhile since I dropped the Green Lantern titles, bored rigid by the Crayola Corps, but I’m always hoping for a new jumping-on point. And here it is. Sinestro as GL isn’t an enticing prospect, admittedly – waste of a perfectly good villain – but if it means getting to see Hal Jordan putting […]

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Legion of Super-Villains #1 review

Wonderful as it is, one thing the revived Legion of Super-Heroes has been lacking is powerful, compelling foes. Well, here they are, in the latest version of the Legion of Super-Villains. Chief among them is Saturn Queen, always a super-hypnotist, but rarely as focused as she is today. Her powers augmented by a mysterious blue […]

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Giant-Size Atom #1 review

And that has to be the best use of a ‘Giant-Size’ tag since the infamous ‘Giant-Size Man-Thing’. The Atom even gets to be a giant here, well, relatively, in one of several coups de science Ray Palmer comes up with as he battles evil boffins The Colony. Before he was so rudely interrupted, by being […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #9 review

The focus this month is on the mysteries of Durla, Chameleon Boy’s homeworld, as the Legion continues its bid to track down the shape-changing assassins targeting the United Council. Cham and Brainiac 5 are there, trying to learn what its leaders know about the conspiracy, while Timber Wolf and Tyroc guard UP representatives on Earth. […]

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Wonder Girl #1 review

Ah, simplicity, I love you. Over in Wonder Woman there’s continuity crushing and confusion aplenty as a tweaked Diana searches for the truths of her life over the course of 12 issues or more. In this one-shot, Wonder Girl visits her mother at an archaelogical conference in London and foils a heist by mud-morpher Lady Zand, with […]

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Booster Gold #40 review

Courtesy of regular artists Chris Batista and Rich Perrotta, Booster and Skeets look utterly spiffy on their DC icons cover, and if they attract any new readers to the book, they may just stay. For this month offers a splendid jumping-on point as Booster’s origins, adventures and nature are laid bare. The excuse is a […]

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Adventure Comics #522 review

Mon-El’s first outing as a Green Lantern doesn’t take him far from Legion of Super-Heroes business as he must prevent a new villain from rescuing an old enemy. The old foe is Saturn Queen, being transported across space, unconscious, to prison planet Takron-Galtos. The newcomer who wants to prove he’s worthy of membership in the […]

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Legion of Super-Heroes #8 review

Well, there’s no doubt about it after this issue. Shadow Lass has lost her mind.  Bad enough she’s sleeping with new member Earth-Man, a xenophobic killer forced on the team after trying to destroy the Legion. That could be considered a private foolishness.  But here she votes for him to be Cosmic Boy’s successor as […]

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The Flash #7 review

Barry Allen is largely absent this issue, as Captain Boomerang breaks into Iron Heights jail to ask Reverse-Flash some questions, while thinking back to his origins.  And I realise I never actually finished the darn book, having picked it up a couple of hours ago and gotten distracted. That’s how engaged I was. So, let’s […]

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Adventure Comics #519 review

Now that’s a standout cover from Scott Clark and David Beaty. I can’t recall the last time that the power of Brainiac 5 was foregrounded on a Legion book. And I love the smaller figures of Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Superboy, as the Legion of Super-Farmers. Brainy is obviously clearing some land with his […]

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