Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #12 review

Supergirl and Robin go on a date. There a monkey on the loose.

That’s all it takes to spark one of the best DC comics we’ll get this year. Writer Mark Waid is a master when it come to depicting superheroes with personality, building off classic characterisations and adding insights that, while logical, haven’t been seen previously. Artist Emanuela Lupacchino is adept at giving us characters with grace and strength, just what you need for a story starring the Girl of Steel and the Boy Wonder.

Mind, while Robin is matchless on the flying trapeze, his dating technique is clunky.

And Dick finds Supergirl’s chat less than fascinating.

Meanwhile, an angry landlord has thrown his tenant’s adorable pet monkey out on the streets. Poor Bingo’s run-in with a truck carrying a batch of bowling bowls leads to Final Destination level chaos.

And that’s when we see what Supergirl and Robin are really great at, as they leap and fly to the rescue.

What they can’t rescue is the evening, and next day it’s up to Superman and Batman to put things into perspective for the depressed daters.

This is a wonderful comic. Batman & Scooby-Doo! Mysteries level wonderful. Every page is filled with action, surprises, moments to make you smile – there’s even a bit of sadness to temper the mix. And that very cute monkey. DC knows you can’t go wrong with a monkey. Waid and Lupacchino make sure to show us that while there’s massive potential for tragedy as Robin and Supergirl wait (and wait) for their dinner, nobody dies. They may be bad at dating – or rather, bad at dating one another – but we still have two of the world’s finest heroes here.

The first DC work I ever saw from Lupacchino was her New 52 run on Supergirl. It’s terrific to see her back on the character, even if it’s a slightly different version – Lupacchino is excellent at facial expressions, knows her way around an action scene and sneaks in comedy moments that land. Little things like the way she drapes Robin’s cape over his shoulders so he has his hands free to eat, and a bit of Burt Ward business – likely Waid’s idea – make a big difference. I’d happily plonk down a few quid every month to see her teamed with Waid on a Kara book. This is the Supergirl we need, not perfect by any means but a lovely young woman – inside and out – who happens to have superpowers. Why can’t DC get that right with a monthly series, it’s not Kryptonian rocket science?

Let’s give some credit to Wade Von Grawbadger and Norm Rapmund, two DC veterans who bring the right touch to any pencillers with whom they work. Their partnership with Lupacchino is seamless. Letterer Steve Wands and colourist Tamra Bonvillain also bring their talents to the table, providing the finishing touch to the pages.

It’s a shame Lupacchino wasn’t given the cover to do, but series regular Dan Mora does a great job.

I hope this issue sells in big numbers, so DC gives us more done-in-one palate cleansers.

3 thoughts on “Superman/Batman: World’s Finest #12 review

  1. I think we should have a book dedicated to “sidekick” team-ups. Supergirl and Robin, Batgirl and Superboy, Powergirl and Cassandra Batgirl, Superman and The Signal, Batman and Krypto. It would be a lot of fun. I would especially love Damian and Powergirl to team up for an arc. She might give him more than one slap for his arrogance and insensitivity.


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