Blue & Gold #4 review

Booster and Beetle’s new venture, Blue & Gold Restoration, is open for business. In a promotional exercise, the boys meet a TV reporter. Getting on to the subject of how the boys became friends, the accounts differ. They do, though, agree on who they were facing. And that’s the set-up for a thoroughly enjoyable issue […]

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Infinite Frontier #4 review

In the Hall of Heroes, things are getting weird with Captain Carrot and Machinehead. In the White House of Earth 23, President Superman and multiversal visitor Batman – the Thomas Wayne of another parallel – are getting to know one another. On Earth 0 – the regular DC Universe world – Director Bones of the […]

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Infinite Frontier #2 review

In which Agent Chase turns up at the Hall of Justice to annoy Superman and Batman with some rather reasonable questions. The usually savage Thomas Wayne Batman tells President Superman that he’s mellowed. Obsidian learns that it’s not just his sister Jade who has vanished from the superhero community. The recently resurrected Roy Harper begins […]

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Superman #31 review

On another world. Superman and Superboy face an ancient, undying evil that’s possessing the populace. Clark and Jon decide to tackle the situation on two fronts – Senior will warn the locals to beware the Shadowbreed, while Junior accompanies the local prince to a lab where, he says, he can produce a useful bomb. Of […]

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Generations Forged #1 review

Heroes and villains lost in time. Unlikely team-ups. Angry gods. Reality rewritten. On the one hand, so far as Generations Forged goes, you’ve seen it all before. On the other GIANT cosmic hand, the aforementioned story points come up again and again for good reason – they’re guaranteed crowd pleasers when brought out by a […]

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Deathstroke #42 review

Below the Teen Titans’ base lies a prison. A secret prison where Damian Wayne, the latest Robin, is secreting criminals. He’s had enough of the revolving door of the prison system – from now on, when his team captures a bad guy, they’re going in a deep, dark hole. His latest ‘guest’? Deathstroke the Terminator. […]

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Batgirl #26 review

Grotesque is back on the Gotham crime scene and Batgirl is pursuing him after his latest murder. Flashbacking like crazy, Barbara Gordon wonders what’s made him go from electric-boogalooter to bogeyman, art thief to psycho-killer. Instead of simply stealing, he’s murdering the owners and posing them as historic masterworks. Dead man becomes still life fruit […]

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