Superman: Son of Kal-El #8 review

Last month, international bad guy Henry Bendix sent his pet super team to Metropolis after climate change woke a leviathan. Superman and Junior Aquaman Jackson Hyde had been handling things just fine, calming the beast, but Bendix’s Gamorra Corps were out to kill the creature. Enraged, it struck out, and Gamorran teen metahuman Spark died. […]

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Detective Comics #1050 review

I bought this ‘Landmark 1050th issue for the World’s Finest preview, which is just as well, as the rest of the issue wasn’t my cup of tea. If you’re going to use anniversary status – even a weird one no one’s ever heard of – to bring in new readers, the trick is to be […]

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DC Cybernetic Summer #1 review

Growing up in the UK, summer specials were a thing – tabloid-sized editions of our weekly favourites on super-shiny paper, all in colour for 25p… back then full-colour was reserved for only a few pages in the likes of the Beano, Dandy and Bunty. I loved them, so I couldn’t resist this seasonal special. And […]

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The Flash: Fastest Man Alive #8 review

This week’s DC Digital First Flash offering from the editorial office of Andrew Marino features two eight-page stories, both written by Dave Wielgosz, and while they’re different in tone to one another, they’re both pithy, punchy, satisfying reads. Artist David LaFuente draws the first, Rain on Your Own Parade, in which two people aren’t at […]

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Adventures of the Super Sons #4

Damian Wayne and Jon Kent have spent the last few issues tackling the super-brats calling themselves The Gang. Artificial red kryptonite has split Superboy into blue and red versions of himself, Robin is getting increasingly ratty, the boys are outnumbered… … enter Joker Junior, reluctant Gang member, and his new pal Space Cabbie. While the […]

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