Superman: Son of Kal-El #13 review

There’s some very good news for Superman 2 Jon Kent this month. We’ll get there, but first, the lead-up. We open with Jon’s fella, Jay Nakamura, exposed as the madly masked master of The Truth, the alternative online news source. After Jay expresses a desire to get away from the unwanted attention Jon flies him […]

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DC Vs Vampires #7 review

We’re at the halfway point of DC’s latest imaginary apocalyptic saga, following the successes of Injustice and DCeased. The Undead plague has taken most of the heroic big hitters, the skies are black and humans are being farmed in Smallville. A ragtag group of heroes are leading a convoy to a rumoured secret sanctuary. Adam […]

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World of Krypton #6 review

The end is nigh. With energy and food in ever more short supply as their world rumbles towards destruction, the people of Kryptonopolis are rioting. Security leader Zod’s teams are responding with deadly force. And, caught in the middle, are Zor-El, Alura and their daughter Kara. The security troopers are brutal with the panicking citizens […]

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World of Krypton #3 review

The clock for the last days of Krypton continues to count down in the third issue of this mini-series, with a number of vignettes enriching the world as it takes the story forward. First, we meet a curious young lady. Her would-be teacher, Catar-Ol, is impressed, and discusses Kara’s possible paths with her mother, Alura […]

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World of Krypton #1 review

On the world of Krypton, a scientist is shocked by what she finds in the valley below the Jewel Mountains. Three weeks later, the extended El family gather to welcome their latest member. While pushy entrepreneur Kru-El isn’t exactly embraced by Jor and Zor… … they’re thrilled to see their friend Dru-Zod is there. He […]

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