The Flash #782 review

Having just persuaded cousin Wallace to share his super-speed ‘paper route’, the Flash, Wally West, finds one of his old enemies, Girder, has escaped Iron Heights prison. A perfect time to try out the new partnership.

Meanwhile, Linda Park West has taken super-powered twins Jai and Irey to the local park.

With a spot of ingenuity, Wally and Wallace stop Girder and deliver him to the prison, where they might expect Warden Wolfe to be terribly thankful.

Time to break out the…

Flash stealth suits. Who knew? Wally West is just full of surprises as Jeremy Adams continues to write the most delightful Flash run in recent memory. Where Barry Allen was a mentor when Wally was Kid Flash, Wally is more of a big brother to his pocket speedster, treating him as more than the junior partner. And the more time he spends in Wally’s ambit, the more fun the naturally serious Wallace allows himself to have.

Soon they’re breaking into Iron Heights to find out what Wolfe is up to, and Wally is helping Wallace see just how far his powers can take him. The cleverly titled ‘Plans’ is huge fun, so good natured that I was half expecting tragedy to strike at home while Flash and Kid Flash were taking care of business. But no, there’s movement with the mystery of Linda’s sudden super powers, but they don’t suddenly kill her. Which is nice.

What’s also nice is that we see not just that Wally still has the mechanic’s skill he showed in Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins’ time, but that Wallace has technical skills of his own. We also learn that the nickname Wally seemed to be trying to affix to his cousin last time isn’t actually a new thing.

That’s nice character writing. Adams is bringing a lot of warmth to this series, along with smart plotting.

As for the art, you’ll have noticed that it’s rather great, thanks to penciller Fernando Pasarin and inker Matt Ryan. Wally, Linda, Wallace and co are great looking, and consistent across the book. The panel-to-panel transitions are excellent, the body language convinces, and there are facial expressions to treasure.

The skills of Pasarin and Ryan blend beautifully and if Marvel aren’t knocking at their door with an offer to draw the X-Men or some other banner book, I’d be surprised. Mind, I don’t want them going anywhere – the Flash deserves art this good. I mean, who else has nailed Irey and Jai as dual heritage children so well? Finally, it look likes Linda and Wally got together and made little people.

Providing the glowing colours are the tag team of Jeromy Cox and Peter Pantazis. Highlights include the rustbucket that is Girder, the textured playing field and the lightning effects – especially in a standout action splash I’m hoping that you’ll discover yourself.

So far as letters go, Rob Leigh is on the case, not just making narrative and dialogue look smart, but giving us another splendidly apposite title treatment.

Artist Brandon Peterson and colourist Michael Atiyeh’s cover is moody. I thought we were seeing multiple Mirror Master arms, which would work, but no. I can’t quite work out what Wally is carrying though – any ideas?

It looks like this series will soon be knee deep in Dark Crisis crossover business, but I’d be amazed were the quality to dip one iota; everyone involved with this series – and that includes editors Chris Rosa and Paul Kaminski – know just what they’re doing. So far as DC superhero books go, they don’t get any better than this.

2 thoughts on “The Flash #782 review

  1. PAD has proved over and over you can craft an excellent story when saddled with a crossover. Hopefully Adams will have the knack. I’m not judging him by that pointless story in service to that Suicide Squad crossover since that was obviously editorial driven. BTW, I wish writers would remember not everyone picks up books they d dislike just because of a crossover and stop assuming a reader knows wha camae before. They could at least finally emulate Marvel’s opening synopsis page.

    Wallace is being written better than ever but I still feel like Wally should at least explain why he’s not asking Impulse to help. Is there an emBartgo going on?

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    1. I miss Bart too, but we know he’s in the upcoming Dark Crisis Young Justice special, and hopefully be back among the Flash Family soon. The preview art Jeremy Adams has shared on Twitter makes me very happy!


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