The Flash #783 review

‘Raise your hand if you’re through with multiple universes’ says Wally West. Well, the collective DC being certainly doesn’t raise a hand, cosmic or otherwise, because the parallel world tales keep on coming, no matter how often we’re told that we’ve just read the final last ultimate Crisis, honestly. This summer it’s the Dark Crisis, […]

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The Flash #782 review

Having just persuaded cousin Wallace to share his super-speed ‘paper route’, the Flash, Wally West, finds one of his old enemies, Girder, has escaped Iron Heights prison. A perfect time to try out the new partnership. Meanwhile, Linda Park West has taken super-powered twins Jai and Irey to the local park. With a spot of […]

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The Flash #781 review

For a comic titled ‘All pedal, no brakes’, it’s ironic that it takes so long for things to get going. Four of the first five pages are current Kid Flash Wallace being distracted by cousin Wally’s entreaties to skip class at the current ragtag version of Titans Academy. That’s a lot of space in a […]

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The Flash #780 review

Linda Park West has lost her twins but found she has super-speed. Not that the power does her search any good when Irey and Jai aren’t actually on Earth – they’re in another dimension with Dad Wally. Not for long, though. Their battle against the dark god Eclipso has been won, so here they are, […]

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The Flash #777 review

Our hero, Wally West, finds himself on an unexpected mission with the Justice League. It’s not the garden variety JL, though, it’s offshoot Justice League Dark, the specialist magic unit who hang out in the Hall of Justice basement. Right now, though, they’re on the home planet of member Amethyst, the Gemworld. And one of […]

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The Flash #776 review

The cover image tells us this isn’t an average issue of The Flash – a massive head of Dr Fate pulling back Wally’s reality. Inside, Wally has just seen off an incursion into Keystone City by the dark god Eclipso and thought relaxation lay ahead. Nope, the Justice League Dark’s most mystical member needs help. […]

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Hawkman #29 review

‘Hawkman is ended at last’, cries villain Anton Hastor on the opening page of this issue. He’s not wrong. This is the final issue of the latest series starring Carter and Shayera Hall. And a very fine issue it is, capping a series that’s benefited for a consistent creator vision. Robert Venditti gives us the […]

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Hawkman #23 review

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are falling. And then, a memory… in a past life, Carter Hall is Dr Carlo Salón, a quack going door to door in 17th-century plague-ridden Seville, counting the dead. No matter how many houses he visits, how often the stench of death gets through his beak-mask, Carlo never gets sick. One just-bereaved […]

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Deathstroke #42 review

Below the Teen Titans’ base lies a prison. A secret prison where Damian Wayne, the latest Robin, is secreting criminals. He’s had enough of the revolving door of the prison system – from now on, when his team captures a bad guy, they’re going in a deep, dark hole. His latest ‘guest’? Deathstroke the Terminator. […]

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