Hawkman #29 review

‘Hawkman is ended at last’, cries villain Anton Hastor on the opening page of this issue. He’s not wrong. This is the final issue of the latest series starring Carter and Shayera Hall. And a very fine issue it is, capping a series that’s benefited for a consistent creator vision. Robert Venditti gives us the […]

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Hawkman #23 review

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are falling. And then, a memory… in a past life, Carter Hall is Dr Carlo Salón, a quack going door to door in 17th-century plague-ridden Seville, counting the dead. No matter how many houses he visits, how often the stench of death gets through his beak-mask, Carlo never gets sick. One just-bereaved […]

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Deathstroke #42 review

Below the Teen Titans’ base lies a prison. A secret prison where Damian Wayne, the latest Robin, is secreting criminals. He’s had enough of the revolving door of the prison system – from now on, when his team captures a bad guy, they’re going in a deep, dark hole. His latest ‘guest’? Deathstroke the Terminator. […]

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Justice League #8 review

In 1988, Will Payton is blasted by cosmic energy from the skies. Gaining powers, he becomes the hero Starman. He should have a great future. Then… Today, the Justice League members are hearing his story – how he was experimented on by Lex Luthor, tormented for the secrets of his powers. He’s connected to the […]

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