Action Comics #1055 review

The Metallo storyline that’s occupied the Superman feature over the last few months morphs into a Cyborg Superman storyline, as Hank Henshaw’s latest incarnation heaps trouble on the Super Family. It turns out he’s the one who instructed Metallo to turn the anti-alien protestors of Metropolis into a rampaging ‘Necrohive’. Having declared himself, the Cyborg […]

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Justice Society of America #4 review

Per Degaton is trying to destroy the Justice Society, as per usual. He’s travelling down the timeline destroying the jSA of each generation. ‘Why’ is the question that’s haunted Huntress Helena Wayne since a mysterious snowglobe began plonking her in the Golden Age villain’s footsteps. While Helena, who’s from 2049, tries to warn the JSA […]

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The Flash #799 review

The Flash and friends are travelling through space and time to find his newborn son Wade, stolen by the living nightmare that is Granny Goodness. It’s a dire situation by any estimation, but as much as he’s the living personification of speed, Wally West embodies optimism. And with Mr Terrific, Hourman, Kid Flash, Metamorpho, Phantom […]

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The Flash #798 review

With just two full issues to go before his stint on the book ends, writer Jeremy Adams adds to the legacy of The Flash with a new member of the family. OK, it was pretty obvious to anyone who’s been reading comics for more than five minutes that mystery speedster Wade from the last couple […]

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Action Comics #1054 review

The battle between Metallo and the Super Family continues in the new Action Comics anthology. The opening page is a picture of intensity as Warworld refugee turned Kent family member Otho looms over a burning car. Beside the car, a burning man, a member of the anti-extraterrestrial Blue Earth movement. Feeling threatened, the immature Otho […]

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The Flash #796 review

It’s the finale to the One-Minute War storyline with the whole of the Flash Family united in fighting back against the Fraction. The Speed Force-tapping extraterrestrials have landed on Earth and frozen the populace as a precursor to stealing the planet’s resources. The speedsters’ efforts to reclaim the world – their powers mean they’re free […]

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Action Comics #1053 review

It’s the third month of Action Comics’ new anthology format and the best issue yet. Starting with the Superman story – or really, the Super Family story – writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and illustrator Rafa Sandoval do a great job of balancing scenes of intense drama with more personal moments. If you’re new to the […]

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Justice Society of America #3 review

The Huntress of decades from now has been bouncing around the timestream, watching various iterations of Dr Fate die. Now Helena Wayne is in 2023, facing contemporary Dr Fate and future JSA teammate Khalid Nassour and his Justice League Dark colleagues Deadman and Bobo the Detective Chimp. He’s understandably perturbed to learn Huntress has seen […]

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Action Comics #1052 review

The unveiling of the new Steelworks building in Metropolis has been hit by an explosion, and Metallo has risen from the wreckage. Luckily the entire Super Family is on the scene. While our two Steels – Natasha and John Henry Irons – get in some good blows, it’s Superman who ends the immediate Metallo threat […]

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