Batwoman/Supergirl: World’s Finest #2

It’s Kara Danvers’ last day as an intern at CatCo International and boss Cat Grant is giving her feedback. And it’s not good. But it is ironic.

Kara knows that as far as Cat is concerned, she’s correct – she’s a great superhero, but a terrible assistant. In bits, Kara flies from National City to Metropolis, for a spot of comfort from cousin Clark.

And she makes a decision…

… a decision that could be the perfect starting point for a new Supergirl monthly. And Lord knows, we need one. The last few years of the current book have been remarkable for how wrong they’ve got Supergirl. I’ve reviewed most of them so won’t rehearse the complaints here, I’ll just say… please DC, give Kara a berth in the bright Wonder Comics imprint and put this story’s creative team on it.

In just eight pages, writer Andrea Shea and artist Mike Norton present a Supergirl recognisable to TV viewers and comic readers alike and, I’d guess, equally acceptable. Yes, there’s a bit of teenage angst, but by the end Kara is full of hope as she decides to forge a future based on her own interests, not on what people might expect of Clark Kent’s cousin. The script is clever and fun, the art breezy, with Norton crafting a very good evocation of Melissa Benoist… the story is utterly refreshing and I want more.

‘Exit Interview’ first appeared in the Wal-Mart Batwoman/Supergirl 100-Page Giant, along with this issue’s other story, ‘Faceless’, in which Batwoman goes undercover to find a missing reporter. It’s an entertaining short from writer Sanya Anwar, with cheery art from Chad Hardin. Anwar’s Black Mask is particularly good fun.

The DC Digital First programme is spoiling us with daily delights for a tiny price, and Batwoman/Supergirl: World’s Finest is another winner. But boy, do I want to see Kara Zor-El fly solo, with Shea, Norton and this book’s editors, Liz Erickson, Katie Kubert and Marie Javins, steering her.

6 thoughts on “Batwoman/Supergirl: World’s Finest #2

  1. I liked these stories too — and like you, I loved Kara’s new status quo! Though it sure seems like it would be setting up a series, not just being a one-shot. Hopefully something will come of it.


  2. Andrea is an editor, but I guess she’s written 1 or 2 of these short stories. This was a good story with an interesting ending!

    Grievance Department: It’s unbelievable to me that DC is actually – after months upon months of delays – actually printing Doom Patrol #7, the final issue. (It will be released on 7/7.) What kind of crazy deals do they have to print Gerard Way’s and Joe Hill’s HORRIBLE SELLING books while dumping Supergirl to digital? Those books sell a fraction of Supergirl. I don’t know if I will EVER forgive DC for not printing those final two issues. If they were doing that to a ton of books, or if it made sense in terms of sales – but they didn’t, and it didn’t. So it just feels like bullying – kicking fans who were already down because of the terrible way the character had been treated.

    Brad Anderson posted the cover to Action #1025 and Supergirl is on the cover. So maybe Bendis uses her in the interior pages – he has written her well at times (though he is the one who got her angry and sent her off into space). However, the word is Bendis’s time on Superman is ending soon. With that would depart a champion of the House of El, and there would be a change in direction. Maybe Snyder gets the book and turns it into the Horror of El.


    1. I like to see editors writing, it shows they know what they’re doing… Dave Wielgosz has also impressed me with his shorts.

      (That sounds wrong…)

      I hadn’t realised there was such a sales difference between DP and Supergirl… that is hugely annoying! Someone high up at DC really does seem to dislike Supergirl and her fans.


  3. All of these recent digitals are appearing on comicbookroundup but most have no reviews. (Have to click All Issues to see the ones with no reviews.) So I say, Martin, step up to the role? Grading is probably not that hard.

    Some suggestions you could improve upon:

    5 Fantastic – writing and art both top notch
    4.5 Loved it – writing or art is top notch and the other is at least good
    4 Liked it – one of writing or art was quite good, the other at least serviceable
    3 Good enough to buy and enjoy
    2 Skip it unless you are totally committed to the title or character(s)
    1 Hate. Burn this book.

    You could be the go-to reviewer until others pile on, which may never happen.

    Most or all of the reviewers get free copies from DC, and are kept busy keeping up with them, but I doubt DC is extending that offer to these stories. Which is why you have a nearly wide-open niche!

    I want to see this blog hit the big time!

    In case you’re wondering, I can’t actually write a decent review – I just gripe from the sidelines in comments, or raise completely irrelevant topics :), while I demonstrate little I know or remember of comic book history. But you have real things to say and are already doing most of the work.


  4. Thanks for the lovely comments… you undersell yourself!

    I honestly wouldn’t know how to go about getting free comics for review, I’m followed on Twitter by DC publicity man Clark, but it seems cheeky given he must know I do reviews but has never offered!

    I shall have a think, thanks!


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