Sensational Wonder Woman #5 review

On the beach, a pair of models are being snapped for a suntan lotion campaign when there’s some surprising photobombing. The lady living life through the lens is thrilled that Wonder Woman is right there, before her. She’s been dying to get a meeting with the Amazing Amazon because where there’s a celebrity, there’s money […]

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Batman: Gotham Nights #22 review

As we all know, Santa can be everywhere at once, meaning all the world’s children get their presents on Christmas morning. Batman could do with the same ability when a toy coveted by all Gotham’s children turns deadly. Meet Benny, ‘The Hot Toy This Christmas’. The obvious thing to do is warn the citizens, get […]

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Titans: Titans Together #4 review

Wonder Girl and Starfire are demonstrating their abilities to a high school science class via the medium of violence. The teacher is talking about the theories behind the powers. Not everyone is impressed. While Raven was singularly uninterested in the demo, she is struck by the pain she feels in the schoolgirl. Following her home, […]

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DC Cybernetic Summer #1 review

Growing up in the UK, summer specials were a thing – tabloid-sized editions of our weekly favourites on super-shiny paper, all in colour for 25p… back then full-colour was reserved for only a few pages in the likes of the Beano, Dandy and Bunty. I loved them, so I couldn’t resist this seasonal special. And […]

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Ghosts #1 review

The nights are drawing in – hey, it’s nearly July! – so the latest DC Digital First offering is just the ticket, reviving a long-running mystery book with a tale tailored to today’s tastes. For rather than an anthology of shorts, Ghosts gives us a single story of the Spectre, the super-spook created by Jerry […]

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