Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #5

Diana is asked by the FBI to prevent an assassination at a conference, and her magic lasso persuades the broker behind it to reveal who’s going to be taking aim…

… Deadshot! His years with the Suicide Squad mean Floyd Lawton is used to fighting more powerful people and he manages to get away from Diana. But not for long.

In this issue’s second short story, a fightin’ mad Steve Trevor flies solo, battling his way through a terrorist enclave to reach Diana. He doubts there’s much he can do to help, but that’s love: ‘I wanted to help if I could. I wanted to be there with her. To push a button. To stop one bullet. To help her in any way.’

Wallop, what a sound effect!

Writer-artist Scott Kolins gives us a great character piece, spotlighting the man Diana can’t help loving. Like her, Steve Trevor is a warrior, and someone who would do anything to help their partner. And even if he can’t shorten her mission, he’s there for her. Kolins’ rufty-tufty illustrative style is perfect for a story about a fast-moving guy in a hi-octane situation. The story climaxes with a terrific spread as Diana finally appears. Colourist Romulo Fajardo Jr and letterer Travis Lanham complete the picture.

The Deadshot story looks great too, with suitably sleek art for a killer for whom precision is all. Jheremy Raapack is a new name to me, but he knows his way around a page, varying viewpoints to add interest without compromising the storytelling. And his Diana is stunning, especially in the final panels, as our heroine shows Deadshot who’s boss… I don’t actually believe Lawton’s nervous reaction – this is a guy who has regularly stood up to Amanda Waller – but it’s fine for a one-off short originally aimed at readers likely unfamiliar with DC’s best marksman.

Van Jensen’s story is pacy, smart and above all, fun, as he equips Deadshot with more elaborate ordinance than his usual wrist guns, and any writer who gives Diana a good game of Bullets and Bracelets is OK by me. Mind, Diana is terribly rough with a couple of security men.

The art is lit up by the colours of Hi-Fi, while Lanham again provides lively lettering.

There’s no real cover, with a panel from the Deadshot story being repurposed, but it looks fine, especially with the smart series trade dress.

Two eight-page stories, stylistically separate, looking at Diana’s world from different angles with varying approaches to the Wonder Woman myth – but equally entertaining and, in a 79p package, terrific value… not buying this would be a grave financial error!

4 thoughts on “Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #5

  1. I read this based off your other reviews and it’s not for me. The first story was just way too generic (and no one told Diana her lasso won’t hold up in court?). The second was better but we know Steve can’t keep up with his super powered girlfriend. I’d rather he be written as accepting that there’s a disparity like Tom Tresser rather than act like he has a death wish trying to keep up…

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