Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#6 review

It’s just another day in New York. Spider-Man is fighting Dr Octopus and in a spot of bother. But he has help.

Yes, it’s kid hero Spider Bite. And he’s not finished aiding the senior hero. Sure, Spidey has beaten the Sinister Six many times, but today the challenge is greater.

Eventually, the day comes to an end and Spider-Bite stands – or rather, sits – revealed.

And that’s all I’ll say about the storyline of this done-in-one issue, for fear of neutering its effectiveness. Suffice to say, it reminds me of a fondly remembered Spider-Man story from decades past, and a more recent Superman entry.

Shut up, Martin!

Tom Taylor writes a fun tale, with plenty of Spidey action, the ‘Who is Spider-Bite?’ mini-mystery adding extra interest. Juann Cabal’s sharp illustrating style is highly appealing, and he puts a heck of a lot of work in here – a two-page sequence involving the Sinister Sixty features five dozen panels, by necessity tiny, but not going ultra-light on the detail

Colouring the pages, Nolan Woodard and Federico Blee do a lovely job, their attention to detail extending to giving Spider-Bite a slightly brighter version of the classic costume. Travis Lanham’s breezy lettering adds extra appeal.

A thoroughly jolly cover by Andrew C Robinson tops off an issue that gave me a hit of emotion rare that’s rare in today’s funnybooks. Good job, Spider-Bite!

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